Great accessory for on-the-go charging and data transfer.

DECEC Portable Keychain Micro USB Cable Review 3It wasn’t so long ago that I lacked sufficient cables for daily operational activities – like charging my phone. It was hard to carry around a 1-meter long cable when I was on the go. Within the past few months, it seems that there has been an abundance of short, mobile cables that are meant to go where you do. One such cable is the DECEC Portable Keychain Micro USB Cable.

Admittedly, I am an iOS device user almost exclusively, but there are plenty of times that I want to charge one of my portable battery packs and all I have around me are short Lightning cables! This short, portable Micro USB cable comes in very handy for situations just like that.

DECEC Portable Keychain Micro USB Cable Review 4First of all, the cables measures only about 5 inches in length when it’s folded up (10 inches unfolded) and is designed as a keyring-style cable. This means that it can easily be transported on your keychain, purse, belt loop – just about anywhere. Secondly, it’s not just a charging cable – it can transfer data, too. This cable utilizes USB 2.0 technology and transfers at speeds up to 60MB per second.

DECEC Portable Keychain Micro USB Cable Review 5The cable wraps and plugs into itself for easy traveling. And, when your cable is unwrapped, and plugged into a power source, you can charge a Micro USB device and a standard USB device at the same time. This simultaneous charging option is really a great feature.

For a price of $12,99, the DECEC Portable Keychain Micro USB Cable is a really great buy. It is sturdy, useful and can go everywhere you do.