DearDays-1DearDays makes a journal from your images.

I used to be religious about writing in a journal. I would sit down every night to canonize my daily activities. It may not have been a pulitzer prize winner to everyone, but it was my life and I wanted to remember it. As the years went by, writing in my journal became less and less of a priority. Eventually, I just started forgetting to write. Nowadays, there are apps that not only give you a handy journalling option, but they also remind you to write. There are even some – like DearDays that journal for you.

DearDays by Openmouse Studio is an iOS app that automatically turns your moments into a personal journal. It connects to your Photos and Camera Roll to access moments you capture with your device. Then, it organizes your photos according to date. The main features of DearDays include:

  • Photo Calendar
  • My Path
  • Mood Log
  • Inspiring Journal

DearDays-2Photo Calendar pulls photos from your camera and puts them into a calendar form. This allows users to keep track of live events from a calendar view. My Path takes your synced photo into beautiful collages and allows you to create timelines with photos to places you’ve visited. Mood Log is a fun little feature that uses emoticons to illustrate how you were feeling that day. It has three faces – frown, smile and indifferent. The Inspiring Journal allows users to answer built-in questions to explore thoughts.

One of the things that I find most interesting about this journalling app is that it automatically records moments for you. If you take a picture, it is automatically synced to DearDays. This makes it easy to capture memories and make notes about the event. Therefore, you never forget a life event because you didn’t remember to write it down.

One thing I would like to see in this app is the ability to create journal entries on the photographs. Currently, logs can only be made by going to characters on the home calendar screen. I believe it would be helpful to create journals based on the photographs when they happen.

DearDays is currently on version 1.0 and was just released on April 10, 2014. It retails for $1.99 from the App Store. I recommend it to anyone who likes to journal, but has trouble remembering to write down events.

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