To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing, we dedicate this fan letter written to celebrate Jobs’ accomplishments in life and his lasting impact on the world after his death. 

Steve-Jobs-collageDear Steve,

I would like to thank you for continuing to inspire long after your days have ended. I believe that people – myself included – continue to see your example of vision and drive and make their own dreams happen. It is a rare thing to be able to look at an object and see more than a phone or more than a computer. I use my MacBook Pro every night to write about applications and products that wouldn’t exist without you.

You may be wondering how Apple is doing. I am happy to report that Apple is doing fine. The company misses you, but it’s easy to see how those closest to you carry on with you by their side. Tim is an able speaker and does a nice job presenting in your stead. Jony has made things more colorful lately with the iPhone 5C – you would approve – and Phil, well, is Phil. They are upholding the Apple standard and even though Stevenotes are greatly missed, their passion for the products shine through on the stage.

One thing I really want to make note of is the newest commercials. They make me smile every time I see them. We have a DVR and fast-forward through most ads, but those…those we watch. They are truly for the colorful…or the crazy ones.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the impact you made on the world, but from where I sit, it was…is pretty monumental. Our world wouldn’t be what it is today without your Apple Computers…Macintosh…iPod…iMac…iPhone…iPad…

I wanted to let you know that even though we are carrying on, you are missed. I hope wherever you are that you are pain-free and enjoying the colors.

A Fan