DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy iOS manager to backup iPhone iPad files fully and selectively without iTunes.

According to Google Trends, the keyword “Backup iPhone” will be become one of the hottest searches twice in every year, one is right after the Apple September event, and the other is in the middle of December. Why? Presumably, I guess the first is because of new iOS version release, people want to 1-click backup iPhone in case of the data loss during iOS update. The latter is because most people already got their new iPhone by that time and they want to transfer data from their old iPhone to new iPhone. No matter what, you cannot guarantee that there is no risk of iPhone data loss during iOS 12 update, you don’t want to lose your precious photos and important contacts after an easy iOS 12 updates.

Instead of going for the risk of insecure iCloud backup and the “all or nothing” iTunes backup, today we are going to introduce you one of the best iPhone backup software – DearMob iPhone Manager to backup and restore your iPhone in two ways: 1-click backup and selective backup.

What is DearMob iPhone Manager?

DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy iOS manager to transfer and backup your iPhone data with encryption method. It allows you to backup iPhone photo, music, video, contact, messages, apps swiftly in 1-click and separately if you prefer to preview and edit the iPhone backups on your computer. Moreover, you will be able to unlock the iTunes purchased movie, music and book files and backup them from iPhone to multiple devices as well. DearMob iPhone Manager, which originally sells at $ 59.95, but Macsources readers can get it for free for a limited time.

How to backup iPhone and restore to iOS 12 with DearMob iPhone Manager:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your Mac or PC with a USB cable.
Step 2: Hit “Trust this Computer” on your iPhone if necessary.
Step 3: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and active it with the giveaway license you get from this page.
Step 4: When the software has detected your iPhone, click “Backup” button in the main interface > click “Back up Now” to start iPhone backup process.

Notes: From the backup windows, you will notice that there is a “Restore Backup Files button”, when you want to restore your iPhone backup from computer to iPhone after you have upgraded to iOS 12 or changed to a new iPhone, just hit that button and you will see a list of your previous backups, including the iPhone backup history with iTunes, you may choose one record to restore to your iPhone.

How to selectively backup iPhone photos without iTunes.

For selectively backing up any individual iPhone files such as photo, video, music, contact, calendar, etc. just click the corresponding icon from the main interface of DearMob iPhone Manager. Let’s take iPhone photo backup for example.

Step 1: Click “Photo” icon, and you will come to your iPhone photo library. Here you can view your photo collections by albums and by date.
Step 2: Choose the photo you want to backup and click “Export” from the top. You can also simply drag and drop the photos you selected to a specific folder on your computer.

When you want to selective restore the photos from your backups, just click the “Add” button from the top banner of the photo window of DearMob iPhone Manager, then you are free to restore any photos you want even including those that are not originally exported from your iPhone. No need to worry about data loss or anything.

You can use the same way to backup and restore other specific iPhone files selectively.

Being a smart iPhone backup software, DearMob also lets you have the following advanced options which warms one’s heart while backing up their iPhones.

Convert photos from HIEC to JPG to be able to preview and edit on Windows.
Merge and covert contacts to PDF including the contact profile picture that you set).
1:1 Export messages to PDF/DOC, including picture, link, emoji in your conversation.
Backup iPhone books from EPUB to PDF/DOC/TXT to be compatible with computer and Kindle.
Password encrypt your photo, video and contact, protect your personal sensitive data from leaking.

As the giveaway promotion only last for a few days, get this powerful and sweet iPhone backup software for free now.