Dealflicks iOS App brings movie deals to your pocket.

With the price of gas continually on the rise, things like a trip to the movie theater quickly become a luxury. My fiancé and I were given a gift of a movie gift card this past Christmas. We decided because our dollars are a premium right now, that we wanted to wait and use it when the summer blockbusters are released. With an app like Dealflicks iOS App, we could have the option to see more movies.

Dealflicks works with movie theaters and theater chains to offer empty seats at a discount to the public. Dealflicks was just released on March 5th and is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Users can create an account or sign in using Facebook. Although I have yet to discover it, I am sure there is a sharing aspect to the app. When you sign in using Facebook, the app requests access to your friends list.

Dealflicks currently has 100+ participating locations and is growing each day. Dealflicks boasts savings up to 60% on movie tickets and concessions. Many of the deals I found include some combo deals with popcorn and drinks. You can even create your own bundles by combining deals. One of the best features is that you only need to show your confirmation page at the participating movie theater for admission.

dealflicks-screenshotI live in the central Midwest of the US and in between many larger metro areas. Because of this, the closest movie location to me is currently over 130 miles away. Because of this, I am unable to test the app completely, but the concept is really great.

Another feature of the app that I like is the interface. When you select a deal, the movie poster is shown, and you can scroll through the basic details, cast list and synopsis. The Rotten Tomatoes rating is even shown on the movie poster.

As I mentioned, I’m unable to fully test the app, but the concept is wonderful and I hope to use it soon locally.