Bring the cinema home with these projector deals from DBPOWER.

DBPOWER a product designer of technology devices has released some good deals on their video projectors just in time for the holidays. Featured on Amazon, these projectors provide a wide range of sizes and superior video quality for its users. These are ideal for professional and personal use. See the details below.

T22 Mini Portable Projector

With 2400-lumen and a contrast rate of 2000:1, this mini projector is 70% brighter than basic LED projectors. Moreover, it supports 3D function, making it ideal for home entertainment, watching movies, playing games, viewing photos etc. Has a projection screen size of 30 to 176 inches. HDMI /SD /AV /VGA /USB/Earphone slot

Price: $158.99


T21 Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

1800 Lumens LCD mini projector is ideal for home entertainment in the dark, brighter than other LED projectors. NOT RECOMMEND for PPT or business presentation. With projector distance 1.5m-5m, image size ranges from 32” to 176”. For the best watching experience, 2-2.5m projector distance with the image size of 130” is suggested.

Price: $105.99


T20 LCD Mini Projector

DBPOWER lcd mini projector is ideal for home entertainment in dark, more brighter than ordinary led projectors. NOT RECOMMEND for PPT or business presentation. 32”-176” with projector distance 1.5m-5m, the best projector distance is about 2-2.5m with the image size of 130”, which can make you enjoy best watching experience.

Price: $99.99


810 LED Portable Projector

Are you looking for a quality projector that gives you great value for money? Then the DBPOWER 1200-lumen projector is for you. It’s great at home entertainment and we recommend you keep it that way. We do NOT RECOMMEND it for PPT or business presentations. With a projector distance of 1.5-5m, this sleek projector gives an image size of 50″ to 150”. The optimum projector distance is 2-2.5m. At this distance, you will get an awesome display of about 130”.

Price: $71.99


GP15 Mini Portable Projector

The DBPOWER GP15 projector is brighter and sharper than other similar projectors, giving you superior, crystal clear images. If you’re looking for a home theater experience, then this projector is ideal for you. With 1800 lumens of brightness and 800*480 high-resolution images, you get vivid color and distinct images. PLEASE NOTE: As this is a home entertainment projector only, we do not recommend it for PPTs or business presentations.

Price: $89.79