Day One – a simply magical journaling Mac App experience.

For me, I find that journaling my thoughts is an excellent way to clear my mind and to revisit the day just as it happened. Day One allows me to do this comfortably with an award-winning design and ease of use that I’ve not found anywhere else.


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I’ve been a fan of Day One for some time now and have been using the iOS app for both my iPad and iPhone. Just recently was I able to add Day One to my MacBook Pro and I’ve got to say it’s an amazing experience. Having the ability to mouse to my menu bar and open a small window for Day One to type out my thoughts or diary of the day without even opening the app has blown my mind.

Before I had the Mac version, I would forget to pick up my iOS device and add entries to the journal while working on my Mac. I think if I had to open the Mac app all the way to write, I might still forget here and there, but not because I don’t want to write in it. I would forget to write because I’m lazy and busy, which is a very bad combination. So, when I talk about the menu bar utility for the Day One’s Mac App, I talk with absolute love.


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Once you open Day One, it’s time to immerse yourself into your writing. Bloom, the creators of Day One, have done a great job on the design of the app. When I open it in full screen, I do not see any distractions because the sides are completely blacked out and your entire focus is on the writing page. One thing you will notice when using Day One, is that the developers give you a suggested writing prompt at the top of the writing area. You can use this to start writing when you are having a hard time. And if it’s a topic that you can’t relate to easily, you simply click the refresh button to switch through other topics.


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Day One provides you with great journaling tools including inserting photos and locations from maps. Plus, it allows users to sync their entries using iCloud or Dropbox, which makes it possible to start on an entry on an iOS device and finish it on the Mac. The syncing works flawlessly.

Some of the other features include:

  • Fast Sync between devices with iCloud
  • Current weather that matches your location and date/time
  • the ability to set reminders to write
  • Privacy with Passcode Lock
  • Exporting to PDF or Markdown
  • Public sharing through publishing to social networks such as: Facebook and Twitter

Even though Day One is a superior journaling app, it can also be used for a variety of other uses such as

  • Prayer Journal
  • Job Journal
  • Capturing Inspiration
  • Publishing a Book
  • Research Journal
  • Movie Log
  • Food/Meal Log
  • Word Processor

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Yesterday, June 2, 2014, Apple handed out its annual Apple Design Awards. The team at Bloom took home an award for it’s wonderfully well designed Mac App, Day One.

I have a really soft spot in my heart for Day One. Two years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Grandma is really more than just a grandmother. She is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a mother. She raised me and has always looked out for my best interests. Ever since my grandfather passed away, I have looked after my grandma and take care of her the same way she took care of me growing up. During the last two years, I took her back and forth between cancer treatments and hospital stays – the whole nine yards. As I did not want to express how it was affecting me to her and bring her down anymore then she was feeling already, I found inner peace using Day One for the iPhone and iPad. I was able to jot down everything happening at appointments and type out our daily routine along with my thoughts on it all. Day One was the easiest way for me to get my feelings out during those two years of fighting and I happily say two years later my grandmother is cancer free and my mind is at ease.

I still use Day One almost each day via my iOS devices and now with having added the Mac app to my machine, I’ve found taking a break through my day and typing in my journal has been an experience that keeps me feeling at peace.

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