One of World’s Most Trusted Digital Security Companies Unveils Latest Password Management Features

Dashlane announces the release of Dashlane 5: the most secure, convenient, and universal password manager. Available on every device, browser, and platform, including Linux, Edge, and Chromebook, Dashlane 5 integrates right into the browsing experience, so anyone can manage their passwords and personal data – no matter what technology they use. Dashlane 5 takes the pain out of passwords.

Users Spoke, We Listened

Since the release of Dashlane 4 in 2015, the company has added 5 million users, and today enables 9 million users, and 7,000 businesses to get up and running with a password manager in just a few clicks. Valuable feedback from users influenced every new feature in Dashlane 5; from a more seamless browsing experience to a Dashlane product that works on everyone’s favorite platforms and browsers.

The result is a brand-new web extension that works directly in browsers, so users no longer need a separate application to use Dashlane. The new streamlined experience is so simple that users of all levels can enjoy the frictionless security of using a world-class password manager.

“The password problem affects everyone, and our mission is to provide a universal solution that works everywhere,” said Alexis Fogel, Dashlane’s Co-Founder and Head of Product. “With Dashlane 5, we continue to lead the industry in making a product with the best security features, that’s simple enough to be used by everybody, regardless of their computer.”

 Unmatched Innovation + Unrivaled Experience

Dashlane 5 is smarter than ever. Backed by powerful DashIQ™ machine learning technology, Dashlane has the most sophisticated and fastest autofill capabilities in the industry. It’s further enhanced by Dashlane 5’s self-correcting autofill and artificial intelligence testing, which improves accuracy across more websites globally.

Dashlane 5 also brings this industry-leading autofill experience to mobile. “Demand for mobile account login and web checkout experiences is greater than ever,” continued Fogel. “Users expect to be as productive on-the-go as they are on a desktop, which is why we invested time and resources to provide the same high-quality form filling experience on our mobile browsers.”

Full Suite of Features

Dashlane 5 is filled with new features that improve security and make the online experience even smoother. These include support for Face ID and new iPhone features, seamless two-step authentication for important accounts, as well as Intel’s new authentication technologies. Dashlane 5 is designed to work for every user’s unique needs.

  • All-New Web Extension
    • Dashlane 5 brings Dashlane to Linux, on both Chrome and Firefox, and to Chromebook and Microsoft Edge for the first time.
    • Now, it’s even easier to get started with Dashlane; users can enjoy a feature-rich version without having to install the desktop app, so passwords will always be available wherever they go.
    • The Dashlane web experience has been revamped with a modern and light design, consistent with the rest of Dashlane’s brand. The new web elements are more discreet and are perfectly integrated into web browsing, making users’ online experiences faster and more convenient.
  • Best-In-Class Autofill
    • Driven by continual research and development, DashIQ™ is better than ever, meaning autofill dependably logs you in (frustration free!) more often, on more devices, and for more accounts.
    • Should a user ever come across a website or page that is not recognized, they only need to enter the fields once and from then on the autofill action will perform automatically.
  • Superior Security
    • Two-Step Authentication: Login to personal and shared accounts where two-step authentication is enabled by generating, storing, and displaying one-time passcodes inside Dashlane. Dashlane will generate a unique six-digit security code every 30 seconds for each credential created.
    • Intel Authentication: Dashlane has collaborated with Intel to support both its Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and built-in Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). Dashlane is the first and only password manager to support these innovative technologies, adding an additional layer of hardware-based security for Dashlane users.
  • HackerOne
    • Dashlane now runs a public bug bounty program on HackerOne, a platform where thousands of ethical hackers can test Dashlane security and contribute to making our users safe. They work with Dashlane’s team of world-class security experts to find any potentials risk in Dashlane and to ensure that no one can exploit it.
  • Mobile Improvements
    • The Safari extension, as well as Dashlane’s Android, iPhone, and iPad browsers have been upgraded to include DashIQ™, providing users with a simpler, yet more powerful experience. These platforms are now backed by the most accurate credential and password autofill capabilities in the industry.
  • Read/Write Web Application
    • With Dashlane 5, not only can web app users see their passwords and notes, but they can also add, edit, and/or remove them, as well as add credit cards, to the web app.
    • Users can also create a Dashlane account and use the web app as a vault without any extension installed.
  • Features for All Operating Systems
    • Apple Devices: Dashlane users can take advantage of the new Face ID feature on the iPhone X to securely authenticate logins. They can also use the Drag and Drop feature to move login credentials between apps on iPad.
    • Android O: The latest Android release allows for automatic in-app logins, so Dashlane users never need to worry about creating or manually typing strong passwords.
  • Password Changer™
    • Dashlane’s exclusive Password Changer™, which changes every password directly from the app or browser in a single click, now works with more than 500 websites, and continues to grow, as powered by DashIQ™.
  • Languages
    • Users will have access to fully native versions of Dashlane in four new languages: Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, and Korean. Dashlane is now compatible with 11 languages.
  • Brand Redesign
    • Dashlane 5 is marked by a newly refreshed brand, serving to align the Dashlane brand with its core values: Simplicity, Universality, Privacy.
    • New Logo: Paired with a bespoke wordmark, a refined impala glyph is now encased within a shield to convey the trust and privacy that is core to all that we do.
    • App Icons: Dashlane apps have been updated to include over 250,00 beautiful website icons so that users can easily identify their favorite sites’ logos when browsing and editing accounts.

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