Darkroom is a quick, powerful photo editor.

Darkroom for iOS

There is a fine art to editing photos. Some think that it comes easy and that programs like Photoshop make magic happen. I can tell you from experience that photo editing is a lot of hard work and it takes a keen eye to really make a picture come to life. A truly great editor can take a photo and make something completely new with it. With the dawn of programs like Instagram, even amateur photographers can get into editing. Before now, I’ve only been using preset filters like the ones in Instagram, but recently I’ve been trying to do recently is really dig into using fine tuning tools like Contrast control to better define my photos. One app that’s really been good for using these tools is Darkroom for iOS.

Darkroom is a quick, powerful editor that allows users to have complete creative control over their photos. It contains some of the preset filters I mentioned before, but it also includes a lot of fine tuning controls that are very easy to use. Some of Darkroom’s features include:

  • Darkroom for iOS

    Instant import: Your entire photo library is instantly accessible.

  • Infinite history: Every edit you make is saved, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.
  • 12 premium filters: Get started with a handful of premium photo presets.
  • DIY filters: Create your own filters to reuse on any photo.
  • Save as square: Easily share landscape and portrait photos to Instagram.

One feature that I instantly liked was the library import. When you open the app, you allow it to access your photos and then you can see them all. You don’t have to hunt though endless menus to find the photo you want to use – your entire library is available within Darkroom.

Darkroom for iOS

To get started editing, you simply select a photo from your library. The photo will then come up full screen in the app. From here, you can apply a preset filter, crop the photo, and change its orientation, correct the coloring by tweaking brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature and vignette settings. There is also a Curves features that allows users to get the ‘perfect’ tone with raw access to RGB channels. This is available for $2.99 as an in-app purchase.

Darkroom uses simple gestures like swiping on the screen to hide the menu controls to make the UI more friendly. Something I found to be very handy is the ability to hide screenshots. Within the app’s settings, you can select to view everything except screenshots taken on your iOS device with the “hide screenshots” setting.

Darkroom for iOS

The app does not currently support iCloud Photo Sharing and the editing of those photos is disabled, but the developers are working on that issue according to their notes in the App Store. You can, of course, share your photos through the usual social networking sites and the app has built-in support for Instagram.

Darkroom is a great app that makes photo editing fun and efficient. It also helps you learn how to make your filters and make creative decisions for your photos. The app is free to download with the aforementioned in-app purchase available.

For more information, visit http://usedarkroom.com.