Fun, easy-to-use RGB keyboard.

One of my favorite accessories for workstations is the keyboard. I’ve been through dozens of keyboards over the years and found that mechanical keyboards are a lot of fun to use – even for daily tasks. My issue is finding the ‘right’ mechanical keyboard for me. I like a softer feel with mechanical keys which is why I was excited to try the Dark Matter by Monoprice Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard. 

Dark Matter Collider TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard


The Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard is a robust, high-performance mechanical keyboard. It features a tenkeyless form factor, which is perfect for gamers. The size is compact for tournament gaming and for maximizing desk space. The keyboard has German manufactured Cherry MX Speed Silver switches and customizable RGB backlighting. The keys are tested and rated for over 100 million keystrokes. The keyboard is wired, but the USB-C cable that connects it to your computer is detachable, which is perfect for travel. The keyboard also features N-Key rollover. The switches are designed to feature precise, lightning-fast operation. They are linear switches with low spring resistance so that users can unlock the maximum Actions Per Minute for gaming. 

Dark Matter Collider TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard


The keyboard has a striking retail package. It’s a dark box, which is a nice juxtaposition with the name “Dark Matter.” The front of the box has an image of the keyboard on it and the name is prominent under the image. The version of the keyboard that I got was the Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches and there is a sticker on the front of the box that indicates this. The back of the box has a diagram that points out some of the features of the keyboard including the compact tenkeyless design, full n-key rollover, and the detachable USB-C cable. I appreciate this callout because if I were to see this keyboard on a retail shelf, this packaging would provide a lot of information to help me make a decision. 

Dark Matter Collider TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard

Inside the box, the keyboard is wrapped in a sleeve. There is a USB-C to USB-A cable that is designed for connecting the keyboard to your main computer. There is also a key puller and a simple cheat sheet included in the box. Setup of the keyboard is quick and easy. You simply plug the USB-C cable into the keyboard and the USB-A plug into your computer or dock. The keyboard lights up immediately and is ready to use immediately. 

Dark Matter Collider TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard

I love the feel of mechanical keyboards, but I don’t like the super loud ones. I also don’t like the extra clicky mechanical keyboards. One of my favorite mechanical keyboards has custom switches that are made by the manufacturer. They have a softer feel when you type, but they also feel stronger than non-mechanical keys. I mention that because the feel of the keys on the TKL Collider keyboard is very similar to that keyboard. I really took a liking to this keyboard quickly and even considered swapping out my everyday keyboard for this one. The only thing that really kept me from doing it was the fact that it is tenkeyless. That isn’t a knock against the keyboard because it’s designed to be that way, but I prefer to have a full-size keyboard for my everyday use. 

Dark Matter Collider TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard

Aside from rating the enjoyability of typing on a keyboard, I usually also do a timed typing test to see how well my fingers travel over the keyboard in comparison to my regular keyboard. Using the Dark Matter keyboard, I had a typing score of 72 words per minute and 99% accuracy, which is in line with my usual typing rate. I will also say that this rate is faster than other mechanical keyboards I’ve recently tested. 


The Dark Matter Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard is a solid keyboard that is very enjoyable to use. I became a fan of it right out of the box and nearly adopted it as my everyday keyboard. I’m a big fan of this keyboard and think it is a great option for just about every use. I can recommend it to others and think it’s a good investment. 

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