Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 is a fun, creative addition to iPhones.

CustomKeyboard4One of the newest features of iOS 8 includes being able to use third party keyboards instead of just the default Apple keyboard. Personally, I never disliked the native keyboard option, but the thought of a colorful, customized keyboard is somewhat interesting and appealing. Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 is a wonderful new app from Appyfurious that allows users to create their very own unique keyboard styles to use with their iOS device.

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 allows users to use custom fonts, colors, backgrounds and animations for keystrokes. One aspect of a customized keyboard that I hadn’t thought about was the sound. There is a very distinct clicking noise when a key is selected by a finger tap. Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 gives you the option to select one of eight sounds for your key taps.

CustomKeyboard3Some of the other features include:

  • Exclusive backgrounds for keyboard themes
  • Different colors, shades, frames and opacity for key customization
  • New fonts of customizable sizes
  • Click animations
  • 40+ language support
  • Quick text deletion

CustomKeyboard2One of the features that is outlines within the app’s description is that Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 is ‘intuitively faster and more accurate typing.’ I actually had a small issue with this. I was thrilled to try out a new animation and shading with my keys, but found that when I type, the the keyboard doesn’t always recognize the correct key location. For example, if I’m trying to type ‘boy,’ I tend to get the word ‘hoy’ instead. The native Apple keyboard does not do this. I believe this issue may be based off of the different options I have selected for my keyboard design, but it’s still a bit distracting. It’s not a deal breaker concerning using the app, but it is a learning curve.

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 uses standard typing settings like Numeric top row, auto-capitalization, enable caps lock and more. This is a great feature because people who have been using Apple keyboards know that layout and I think that if the layout were different that would turn people off to changing up their keyboard and using this app.

10909434_869969943042784_788465753_oAnother thing I want to note is that it appears that some of the regular functions of the Apple keyboard did not carry over to Custom Keyboard for iOS 8. For example, I tried typing a message like I normally do by closing a message with a double tap on the space bar. No period was created with that action. It also appears that auto-correct does not function within this keyboard. These are options that I believe the developer may include in later versions, but with this initial release, they aren’t functioning.

I can recommend this app as a fun change of pace from the ‘normal’ keyboard Apple provides. It’s a very colorful, creative additional to any iOS app library. Even with a few bugs, it’s a neat app and at $0.99, it’s a great bargain.

For more ifnormation, visit the developer’s website at

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8