Prolong Shelf Life of Your Food in about 3 Seconds with this food saver.

Is it not amazing how much month is left at the end of the money?  No matter what job you have, what income you have, everything seems to cost more and money does not travel as far.  With a family of 5, my wife and I have tried to Dave Ramsey budget, even as emotionally difficult as it may feel.  We run our envelopes, we shop at the discount grocery when we can.  We have shied away from major bulk buying, as some of our food would become stale or spoil before we could eat it.  We have a deep freeze, which has helped with bulk frozen meats and cheeses.  We have the plastic keepers for our pasta and cereals.  Alas, we still end up throwing away food that is not consumed.

We have received a Crenova Vacuum sealer to review.  Many of the yeasts/molds and bacteria that cause our food to spoil require oxygen, moisture and room temperatures.  That is why freezing, salting, and cooking have been utilized in food storage and preparation for generations.    According to, vacuum sealing originated in the 1940’s as a method to preserve food during transportation.  By reducing the oxygen content, mold, spores, and bacteria are unable to generate energy and cannot reproduce.  Additionally, the vacuum sealing reduces the effects of freezer burn by decreasing the air layer.  This decreases the water loss from your food into the surrounding air layer and thus freezer burn.  It is estimated that vacuum sealing can increase the life of your food by 3-5x.  Crackers last just a few weeks in their packaging, but may last up to 6 weeks if vacuum sealed.  Coffee can be extended by up to a year by vacuum sealing.  Cereals can be extended from a few weeks up to 6 weeks as well.  The benefits of the technology seem to be quite real.

The device ships in a brown cardboard box measuring 14 1/4″ long by 7 3/8″ tall by 3 7/8″ deep.  The box is rather plain but adequate.  The cover and the back display an ink representation of the Crenova vacuum sealer.  One side has a QR code that links you to their Facebook like page.  The top of the box details the use of the device for meat/fish/fruits/vegetables and also informs you that there are 10 included vacuum bags (small and large). The other side of the packaging details the specifications of the device power 120V/60Hz, 175W with a pump capacity of 9L per minute and that your bag will seal in 3 seconds.  The maximum width of a bag cannot exceed 280mm and this device generates a max of 75db (about the loudness of a typical TV or music in a living room).  The bottom of the box is plain.

Crenova Vacuum Food Sealer VS100S REVIEW

Opening the box, you will notice the device measuring 13 1/2 inches long by 6 1/4 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches tall.  It has a built in type A wall plug and some cable management underneath.  These details really make the difference to me, while I am looking for tech.  My wife hates cords and having cable management is a huge plus in my book.  There are 2 buttons on either side of the lid, which will flip upwards.  You will notice the sealing element and the vacuum suction chamber.  Included in the box you will find #10 free sealing bags.  There are #5 small size 7 7/8″ by 8 1/2″ and #5 larger size 11 1/2″ by 8 1/2.”  You will notice the bags have one side that is see through and the other side is ribbed with plastic.  These beads seem to melt and seal the strip as the bag heats up.  It is recommended to have about 2 inches above the food that you wish to seal, to allow for the air to be withdrawn.  The bag will shrink as the air is removed by the vacuum.

The instruction manual is very well written and comes in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.  Page 2 and 3 of the manual are the most helpful, as they detail the device with diagram and legend.  There are 4 buttons across the top of the machine, Vacuum, Cancel, Pulse and Seal.  Once you have the bag into the correct location, close the lid until you feel a click on both edges.  Touch the Vacuum button and the pump will turn on.  This will continue to pump until the air is removed and then you will notice the seal light will illuminate.  This occurs automatically.  I have predominately used this for meats and thus I have been able to use this one step function to vacuum seal my chicken.  However, if you have other things you wish to vacuum seal such as pasta or you want more control to prevent damage to more delicate foods, you can pulse seal, which will let you turn on and off the pump.  You can gain more control over the pumping rate/duration.  If you have a roll of bags, you can press the seal button to create a bottom.  You can also use the seal button to reveal chip bags, which is an added and amazing bonus.  This was actually much more fun than I thought it would be.

Crenova Vacuum Food Sealer VS100S REVIEW

My wife asked me to package our 5 chicken breasts into 2 bags.  So, I cleaned them and used a small and large bag to hold two and three respectively.  They were then placed back into the refrigerator.  These take up much less room than the large carton that they came in.  I have resealed our chip bags, and I have allotted smaller portions of cereal from those big bags you can buy at your local grocery/Walmart.  We have been buying the larger bags as the per ounce cost tends to be less than the name brand cereals.  We would place about a weeks worth into a Tupperware for cereal and then freeze the remainder and refill the package as we needed.  The cereal would still tend to be less flavorful by the end of the month.  I have only had the vacuum sealer for about a week, and we have only opened 1 container.  It tasted just as good as the original.

This product does everything that it says it will do.  The fact that you can re-seal old chip bags is a huge bonus.  I like the convenience of already made bags.  However, you can purchase bag rolls at a cheaper rate and make your own, customizable sizes.  If you have a bigger family, if you are looking for ways to improve the shelf life of your foods, you may definitely consider the Crenova.  The stainless on black coloration is very pleasing to the eye, the sealing is quick and efficient, lasting just at 3 seconds.  This device will save you room in your refrigerator and in general should promote better, more flavorful food.  I would definitely recommend this.  I have used all 10 bags and have actually purchased extra from the local grocery.  The most recent use was for making my own trail mix and vacuum sealing it for hiking with the cub scouts.  Trail mix is very expensive when pre purchased as you are paying for the convenience.  My next plan is to utilize my dehydrator to make my own dried fruit, purchase some mixed nuts, some raisins and to make my own trail mix, with much less salt and preservatives.  No, I am not a health nut.  I prefer to spend money on fun things and not to just give it away to retailers.  I rate the device at 5/5 and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.