Covered keeps you covered with artwork for TV Shows and Movies in iTunes.

covered-1If you are anything like me, you have spent years compiling and perfecting your personal music library. Unfortunately with that comes a mismatch of album artwork and cover artwork for TV Shows and Movies. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours trying to track down artwork. Recently, iTunes has included the option to “Get Album Artwork,” but that requires that information be sent back to Apple. And now, there is a third party option to get artwork for all TV Shows and Movies.

Covered from Rob Heague gives iTunes users a chance to get high-quality artwork for videos they have in iTunes. It allows you to search by title and either save the artwork to the clipboard or download it to your computer. The artwork is high-quality and available in either 2000×3000 pixels or 2400×2400 pixels.

covered-2Covered is a wonderful new app that makes searching for artwork very, very simple. The interface is doesn’t take up unnecessary screen real estate and is confined to an area of only about 300×530 pixels. Once you start up the app, you simply have a window that blends seamlessly with regular Apple windows. You then select whether you trying to track down artwork for a movie or TV Show. Then, you type in the title into the search field at the bottom of the window. Artwork options appear live as you type and to select, you simply click on the artwork you want.

A feature I really enjoy about this app is that if you are looking for a TV Show, it pulls all the artwork for each season. For example, I used “Charmed” as a test and each individual season’s artwork. I like that the app doesn’t take up a lot of screen real estate, but I wish that there was an option to expand the window rather than scrolling to see all the search results.

Covered is a delightfully simple app that has a great function for those looking to fill in the artwork void within their iTunes library. It retails for $0.99 from the Mac App Store. For more information, visit