A very useful device for relaxation

I would say that 90% of my day is made up of keystrokes. As one might imagine, that makes for some very stiff joints in my hands. While I’ve never been diagnosed with anything like carpal tunnel syndrome, I do find myself having more aches and pains in my hands than in years past. That’s why I found this Electric Hand Massager from Cotsoco intriguing. 


This Electric Hand Massager provides compression, heat, and vibration to hands that are overworked and pain-ridden. The designers of the product claim to be able to relieve finger numbness and join pain as well as relax hand muscles with regular use of this massager. The Electric Hand Massager was designed to cover the entire hand with compression therapy. The massager uses air compression to knead through the fingers and palms. The heat feature helps to promote circulation and relieves swelling while the vibration features alleviates arthritis pain and minimizes stiffness. The massager is built with a rechargeable battery and has an 18-month warranty attached to it in case the user isn’t 100% happy with the product.


According to several studies cited on healthline.com, there are many benefits to getting a regular hand massage. Those benefits include reduced hand pain, less anxiety, better mood, improved sleep, greater grip strength, possible lower blood pressure, and less stress. The same website also cites that general massage therapy – of any kind – can help with ailments such as pain syndromes, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia; autoimmune conditions, such as asthma and multiple sclerosis; autism, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. All of these reasons are worth checking out an automatic massager like this one by Cotsoco.

I’m usually hesitant to use massagers. They tend to pinch and prod in the spots where I don’t want pinching and prodding to occur. But for some reason when it came to this handy (no pun intended) massager, I dove right in and gave it a try. Never having had a hand massage done, I don’t have a good basis for comparison, but the Electric Hand Massager seems to do a really nice job of producing enough pressure to make a difference. I have used it several times since it arrived and have noticed that even though my hands come out of the massager a little stiff (mainly because I had them lying still for 10 minutes), they end up feeling more relaxed and I haven’t noticed a shred of pain when I start typing again. 

There are some really great features of this massager. First, it’s wireless/rechargeable. This makes using a device like this super easy. I’ve used a lot of different types of massagers and they always seem to be weighed down by cables and wires. It was very refreshing to find that even though cables came with it – for charging purposes, of course – it was ready to start working directly out of the box. The next thing I noticed was that there were no instructions included in the box. The only thing that came with the massager aside from the charging cable was a warranty info card. The instructions are printed on the backside of the box. This is important to note because if you quickly unbox and throw away the box, you won’t know what the different buttons are supposed to do. 

The massage cycle runs for 10 minutes, but you can press the on/off button to interrupt it. You have the option of increasing/decreasing the amount of pressure you have in the massage and you can add heat and/or vibration to the cycle, too. The inside of the massager feels like one of those micro-bead squish pillows until you turn it on. Cotsoco made it possible for users to be able to massage either the left or right hand, which is great for me since I tend to have aches in both my hands. I also really like that the massage cycle is 10 minutes in length. I do sort of wish that there were options for the length of the cycle though. The 10-minute option is wonderful for those times you have 20 minutes (10 for each hand), but I don’t always have that extra time in between tasks. 


The massager isn’t ‘large’, but it’s certainly not small either. I think it’s an average size to match a person’s hand. That said, I can’t really imagine having two of these sitting on a shelf in order to massage both hands at the same time. I think it would just take up too much space. As far as how my hands fit – I didn’t have any issues. I would say that I have average size hands, but longer fingers. I think most people wouldn’t have an issue with the size, but some people with larger hands could have a sizing issue.


Overall, this is a great option for massager. I do find myself more relaxed after using it and think that it helps my hand pain. I will be interested to find out how it helps over time.

For more information, visit cotsoco.us.