Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock helps to reduce clutter.

Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock Review 2

Neither my wife nor I are fans of clutter, especially in areas that you see regularly. Until recently my bedside table has had a multi USB charger (attached to the back with Velcro), a lamp, an old fashioned alarm clock, and my iPhone 6s Plus with cord plugged into the multi USB device. Last week, my amazing parents gave me a new Apple Watch Sport 42 as a gift. Now, my table will be cluttered again as it is a device I want on display.

As many of you are well aware, with new tech comes new accessories. I have been looking at multi charger docks/bases even before my new Apple Watch present. Luckily, I have been given a few Coteetci Charging bases to review. I will review both the Charging Cradle and Watch Dock today. Let me start with the cradle first.

The outside of the package is very professionally designed, leaving the owner with a good sense of what is in the packaging. Removing the top of the box, you are greeted by well packaged metal (aluminum) base, surrounded by Styrofoam like material. The base is shipped in 2 parts, the main base with pre-installed iPhone base (lightning to USB adaptor included as a perk) and the Apple Watch tower. Unfortunately, there is no included Apple Watch charging cable included and you have to use your own.

Removing the pieces, you immediately realize how strong these metal pieces truly are. This device looks quite sleek, “TECHY,” and will look great on my bedside table, to proudly display my Apple Watch and iPhone 6s Plus.

Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock Review 3

What is included? There is an included hex key and multiple hex screws to hold the device together. There are two screws that will attach the tower to the base. There are four screws that attach the main base plate to the very bottom. There are two built-in cable notches in the back of the base, which you can hide cord and pull out as much as you need. There is an included instruction manual as well that is written in a few languages. The English is poor, showing it is not the primary language. There is no warranty on the included Apple Lightning charger, concerning it is not apple certified. It clearly shows on the instructions, “premiums (No warranty).”

It is important to note that the Apple Watch tower piece should not be attached until you can insert the USB section of the cord into the main base. Once attached, you cannot pass the USB through the tower into the bottom of the device.

Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock Review 4I love that this device has cord management on the back of the tower for the watch. However, I feel the design shape is not correct, in that the top of the cord sticks out and cannot run in the built in cord trench along the back of the tower. I like that you can store the excess cord in the main base, which is a really convenient feature. At first I was concerned that the watch cable would just pull out of the tower with any bump of the device or with pulling up on the watch.  However, the company smartly placed a thin film of sticky adhesive, under a piece of tape, which can maintain your charger cable in its hole. The deal breaker for this device is the iPhone dock. I keep my iPhone 6s plus in an OtterBox Defender case. The pre-installed lightning adapter does not stick up far enough to reach and charge my phone. Although this device looks amazing, I cannot sacrifice the safety of my device and thus I cannot use this charger. This charger would be perfect for someone interested in an uncased iPhone 5 or later. It may work with other cases (I don’t have other cases). I rate this device at 2.5/5 stars based on the cable management issue and based on the inability to charge my iPhone 6S plus in its current case.

Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock Review 5

I could see that somebody may rate this higher, as it is a really cool, well-built base. The company clearly thought about the user in the addition of the adhesive in the Apple Watch charger tower and with the cable management. It is my opinion that the shape at the top of the tower is inadequate for the charger. I would like for the device to have a lightning adapter that sticks up further to allow charging within other cases. Again, I will not risk scratching my phone on a metal base without a case. It is sturdy, I am not worried about the device falling over. However, I am worried about scuffs along the side of the phone and along he back/bottom with putting in and pulling out of the lightning adapter. Specifically, I am worried about scratches on the back of the phone resting on the metal support sticking up. This was a good try, but I still have more research to do to find a device that will charge both my iPhone 6s Plus in an OtterBox defender case and my Apple Watch.

Now, on to the Watch dock. I will be honest, the company does great packaging. The outside of the Watch Dock is just as well displayed as the charging cradle. The charging cradle, that I have, appears to be colored in Rose gold. It also comes in a yellow gold and Metallic silver. Unboxing the product, we have again a well-crafted aluminum base surrounded by styrofoam like material. There is again an included instruction manual, written in poor English. This device is only for the Apple Watch and honestly holds it better then the charging cradle.

Coteetci Charging Cradle and Watch Dock Review 6

I love the cable management, it is well designed and hidden in the back of the charger. The cable runs into the base and out of the back in a very useful manner. The only complaints that I have about this product are that it is solely to charge the Apple Watch (without iPhone) and the color being rose gold.  My Apple Watch is the Space Gray color and clashes with the Watch Dock. It is well put together, sturdy, and looks amazing. When it comes to construction, quality of material, cable management and overall appearance I would give this 4.5/5 stars. I actually wish that this cable management was present in the charging cradle. I believe the company has a winner with this watch dock.  It does not come with a charging cable for your watch. This is not surprising, as third-party charging cables are not yet available. If you are looking for a sturdy sleek “TECHY” charging base for your Apple Watch look no further as this device will fit your needs.

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