Earbuds become part of daily routine.

Cosonic Earbuds Review 3Like most people, I have had my share of of head phones. Cosonic took a couple different designs and combined then in a surprising great fashion. I haven’t always been a fan of headsets that go over the ear. I find them cumbersome and since I wear glasses they tend to weigh down on the ears. Cosonic made their headset surprisingly light and comfortable. Once I got past the over the ear approach I placed the seemingly bulky (only on first glance) earbud in my ear and found that it was slightly uncomfortable. Luckily Cosonic thought of this and included several different ear pieces. Once I found the one that fit just right I was ready to plug I and play.

Cosonic Earbuds Review 4I started off by just listening to a little music. Once I found the right playlist I decided to do some of my normal tasks around the house. The sound quality is pretty good and very loud. After about 20 minutes I found the only problem with the ear buds. Since it’s such a tight fit in my ear, sometimes when I turned my head quickly the sound would cut out, but not because there was no sound, the earbud just pinches a little bit and closes. Not a big deal considering it didn’t fall out like a lot of earbuds.

Cosonic Earbuds Review 5Next I moved on to making a phone call.  Just like listening to music the sound quality was great. Now with the call, I happened to be outside with a little bit of wind, but didn’t pick a lot of wind noise. My iPhone does have noise cancelation, but I’ve had problems with other earbuds on this very same thing.

Overall, Cosonic’s earbuds are better than most earbuds that I’ve used over the years. Once I used them they be came my everyday carry earbuds.