Corner Boxing Performance Tracker

4.65 Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW


  • Easy to connect
  • App easy to use
  • Good for a guided workout


  • Trackers are a tight fit into the wrist bands
  • A little hard to activate the trackers
Ease of Use

Easy to use workout performance tool.

About 10 years ago, I put myself on a path toward better health. I joined a gym, following an eating plan, and made healthier lifestyle choices. I lost quite a bit of weight and was probably in the best overall shape of my life. Over the past several years though, it’s become harder to maintain that lifestyle. I’ve had less free time to devote to myself and so I’ve gained that lost weight back and lost a lot of my muscle tone. I’ve decided that this year will be a time of renewal for me and I hope to recommit to making myself healthier. One of the potential workout options I’ve found for myself was the Corner Boxing Performance Tracker. It’s a system that is built to help you track your progress as you train or exercise with boxing. 

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW


The Corner Boxing Trackers is a boxing analysis tool that measures different aspects of your movements while you complete a boxing workout. The trackers work hand-in-hand with the free app that provides options for different types of training — Quick Start, Interval Training, or Manual Timing. The app offers hands-free tracking of your progress. When you finish a workout, you get an easy-to-read workout overview that breaks down your punches to tell you what types of punches you have thrown as well as your top combinations. Corner will track your improvements in terms of punch rate, speed, and power. It’s a complete boxing wearable that provides the user with real-time data, no distractions, help to hit your goals, and is convenient and comfortable to wear. The system consists of the trackers, the wristbands, and the Corner app. 


The trackers come as a pair. This was refreshing to me because we actually tested out a different boxing trainer in 2018 that actually shipped with only one tracker. The trackers are boxed with the wrist bands and a dual Micro USB charging cable. There isn’t really a manual it ships with since the on-screen instructions are included in the app. 

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW

Set-up of the trackers is actually surprisingly easy. First, you slip the tracker device into the slot on the wrist strap. Then, you activate the device by double tapping it. There are two LEDs that will light up — one red and one blue. This will show that they are awake and ready to work. At this point, you will want to follow the instructions in the app to start your training session. Once the trackers have been connected to the app and are functioning properly, you only have to follow your training regimen from the app and your movement data will be collected in the app. In addition to being a good tracker of punch count, speed, and power, the Corner Boxing Performance Tracker is also a great way to get a good cardio workout. I love that there are two training options — Interval and Quick Start. I opted for the Interval Training option since I was mostly wanting an easy to use guided exercise device. The biggest difference between the two training options is that the Quick Start option tracks your movement and automatically while you complete a workout independently of the app. The Interval Training option gives you a countdown clock for workout time and rest time. You can choose to pick an interval of 30 seconds to 6 minutes per round and 15 seconds to 3 minutes of rest in between. 

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW

To test out the tracking part of the Corner system, I strapped on the trackers and did a bit of shadow boxing. I was surprised at how easily the app was able to detect my movements and how much I appreciated the guided training. My fiancé, Nick, actually tried it out, too. His experience was much different than mine because he is actually trained in martial arts and was able to do more moves than I was. I was trying to be very measured and punch precisely so I only averaged 16 punches in my session whereas Nick was able to throw upwards of 50 punches per round. His punches were also exceeding the goal for power that the app set for me. My punches did not. I feel that with practice, I would get better at meeting the app’s goals for training. 

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW

As much as I enjoyed using the Corner Boxing Performance Trackers, I did find that there were some mild areas for improvement. First, I found it a bit difficult to slide the trackers into the wrist bands. The pocket where they were meant to be stored just didn’t seem to be cut large enough for the trackers to fit properly. I had to actually squeeze my fingers into the pocket to make the opening wide enough for the trackers to fit. While I appreciate the tight fit so that they don’t fly out of the wrist band while training, I also found this to be a distraction during set-up. The next issue I had was the double tap function to awake the device. We actually have another health device that has a similar function with the double tap activation and it didn’t seem like these trackers were acting correctly with that function. I found myself tapping extremely hard to get the LED lights to illuminate. Finally, it would be a nice add-on if there was a video available to accompany the interval trainer for someone like me who is just learning how to box. It would be helpful because I could learn proper technique as well as develop my stamina and strength. 

Corner Boxing Performance Tracker REVIEW


The Corner Boxing Performance Tracker system is a good way to jumpstart an exercise plan or perfect your training regimen for boxing. The system is easy to set-up and with a few minor updates, I think the set can really help someone get a good workout. I really like how well the app seems to track punches — even when shadow boxing. It’s a unique system that doesn’t weigh you down when you’re using it. I can recommend this to those who are looking to up their boxing game or simply add something unique to their workouts. The set retails for around $140 USD and works with a free app. 

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