Lights are 6 times more powerful than other LED sanitizers.

If there is one thing the last year had taught us all it’s that you can’t be too careful. I think we’ve all learned a lot about keeping our belongings clean and the best ways to ward off harmful microorganisms. UV-C light has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces. It’s a method that’s been widely used by hospitals to disinfect rooms and equipment. In the last year, there have been many different consumer-level products that utilize UV-C light to help clean products at home. Coral UV 2 is one of those products. 


The Coral UV 2 is the world’s first UV multitask device. It sanitizes, filtrates, and smart-dries all in one product. The device has been completely redesigned with eco-friendly UV-C LED technology that provides a safer way to sanitize your belongings. The sanitizer was designed in Canada and has been lab-tested. The Coral UV 2 kills harmful germs within just 10 minutes thanks to its 12mw LED lights which are six times more powerful than other LED sanitizers. The unit is equipped with commercial-grade HEPA filtration that captures 99% of airborne contaminants like dirt, dust, and vapor.

In addition to the filtration and LED technology, the Coral UV 2 also features a temperature-controlled drying function. This helps to destroy excess moisture, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. The dryer maintains a safe drying temperature of up to 140F/60C so that it dries without damaging your belongings. Coral UV 2’s size is designed to fit all purposes. It can be used for sanitizing wallets, keys, phones, masks, baby accessories, utensils, cosmetic tools, shakers, and more. The product is safe and eco-friendly. The Coral UV 2 is mercury-free, odor-free, ozone-free, and chemical-free so that it is a much greener alternative to other sanitizers. It has a reported lifespan of up to 10 years and features free replacements (with the lifetime product warranty).

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Just like its predecessor, the Coral UV 2 has an exceptionally easy set-up process. You plug it in and press start. There is no complicated assembly process involved. I did have to remove some plastic wrap from inside the container and place the wire basket inside, but other than that, it’s pretty much ready to go. There is some scheduled maintenance that should be performed regularly. Those steps include wiping out the chamber and replacing the HEPA filter every 3 months. It is noted in the manual that users should not attempt to replace the UV-C bulbs. There is apparently an extended warranty that users can purchase, which will replace the unit once it’s at the end of its lifespan.

The controls are touch-sensitive and are located on the lid of the device. It’s pretty self-explanatory and there are only three options: SANITIZE + DRY, SANITIZE ONLY, and 24-HOUR STORAGE. A description of each option is included below. 

  • SANITIZE + DRY: Sanitizes within the first 10 minutes, followed by a drying cycle for a specific time (40-70 minutes)
  • SANITIZE ONLY: This setting runs with UV lights only. It is recommended for items that cannot be washed nor need to dry. (10-20 minutes)
  • 24-HOUR STORAGE: This setting rung a 50 minute SANITIZE + DRY cycle, followed by a 2 minute SANITIZE ONLY cycle every 2 hours for 24 hours. 

The instructions do request that you use a damp cloth to wipe out the inside and then dry it off before running its first cycle. The first cycle should be a ‘SANITIZE + DRY’ for 70 minutes and the sanitizer should be empty while it runs. With this cycle, the sanitizer will run for the first 10 minutes and then a drying cycle for the remaining time. The sanitize cycle was completely silent. This makes a certain amount of sense considering that only the UV lights were on during this portion of the cycle. The fan kicked on exactly 10 minutes after the sanitizing cycle was complete. It’s a very gentle fan sound – only about as loud as a laptop fan. 

The chamber is very large and can fit nearly anything you need to sanitize. I was able to fit an 11-inch iPad Pro, Apple AirPods Max, Apple TV remote, Nintendo Switch, and my glasses into the main chamber and the basket. Even though you can fit many items inside the chamber it’s important to note that electronics should not be used with the drying cycle. This was something that we learned when reviewing the original Coral UV and it still holds true with this version. 

To test the operation of the Coral UV 2, I placed a cup inside that had recently been washed. I completed a similar testing process with the original Coral UV and found it to be successful on testing out how well the drying process works. Even though the cup had recently been washed, I wanted to make sure it was 100% sterilized since I used it every day for ice water. The container was still a little wet so I placed the main container, the lid, and the inner spout into the chamber and basket respectively. I set the Coral UV 2 to SANITIZE + DRY for 40 minutes and when the cycle was finished the cup was dry. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several different types of UV sanitizers in the past including the original Coral UV. The operation of all of them is fairly simple in that you place your belongings inside and start the cleaning cycle. The same is true of the Coral UV 2. It’s size is really the best selling point because of the sheer amount of items you can fit inside its chamber. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a lab so that I can test out how well this particular UV-C sanitizer works, I can say that UV-C light does have a profound effect on bacteria and other microorganisms. 


The Coral UV 2 is a strong device that has the ability to sanitize many items at one time. I didn’t have any issues with its operation or set-up. It’s price is incredibly reasonable especially with the Kickstarter discount ($129 at the time of publishing). The Coral UV 2 is very low-maintenance and is great for cleaning up household objects.

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