Copied for iOS helps to organize your essential information.

I use my copy/paste function about 200 times per day. It’s like breathing to me. The problem I run into is the constant re-copying I have to do when I accidentally copy over something I didn’t mean to. Clipboards only have the capability of saving one clipping at a time. This makes it a little inconvenient when you use the same phrase over and over again, or you want to keep a file/image handy for multiple pastes. Fortunately, there has been an evolution in clipboard management for all operating systems and apps are emerging at an elevated rate. Today, I’m going to discuss one of the apps available for iOS – Copied.

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Copied is a full-featured clipboard manage for iOS and Mac. I will be solely looking at the iOS version. With Copied, you can easily save copied text, URLs, or images from any app. To use it, you simply open your iOS System Settings after you download the app, and add Copied as one of your keyboard options. Once you do that, any copies you make will automatically be saved into Copied. You also have the option to copy items and paste them manually into the dashboard for safe keeping.

While clippings are saved in one master view, you do have the option of organizing them into lists if you upgrade the free app to the pro version. Two other huge features that are activated with the pro purchase is the ability sync through the Cloud, and the ability to update clipboard from another device. The pro version is only $1.99 and is a one-time purchase. I do recommend this so that you have full functionality between the OS versions.

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Perhaps the feature that sets Copied apart from the other clipboard mangers is the option to edit clippings. With the editing feature you can make changes, transform text or merge multiple clippings together. There is also a nifty little gesture option built in where you can swipe right on the clipping and have the material copied back to the main clipboard for easy, immediate access. Swiping left gives you are more involved menu of options including copy, send to list, share, or delete.

Copied iOS App Review 6Copied for iOS also comes with Today View support. This makes it even easier to access your saved clippings. From Today View, you are able to see the top three pieces in your Copied Dashboard and can copy and/or share items just by tapping on it. I really like Today View widgets so I was glad to see this as an option.

Copied is a really clean app with an intuitive interface. I like that it’s easy to just jump in and start using. Plus, it really helps to keep my pertinent information available quickly.

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