Check out this low-profile keyboard to create a truly outstanding set-up.

One of the things I struggle with is how to make a stand-out set-up. My desk at home is compact and I try to keep desk clutter to a minimum. For quite some time, I’ve tried to find a wireless keyboard that would not only be functional, but that would also add something special to my set-up. I love the feel of a mechanical keyboard, but really want something smaller than a standard full-size keyboard. When I saw that the SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard was available I thought I would give it a try. 


The SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a ‘special edition’ product. It features ‘extra flat’ contoured keycaps and Cherry MX Low Profile switches. Even though it’s referred to as a ‘wireless’ keyboard, the description the Cooler Master provides calls it a hybrid keyboard. It’s dubbed that because it can be used as either wireless or wired depending on your preference. The keyboard connects using Bluetooth 4.0 and has low power consumption. It recharges via USB-C. Cooler Master designed the keyboard with N-key rollover technology as well as auto-switching technology that gives users a 6-key rollover for portable lifestyles. 

Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW

Low Profile Switches
The Cherry MX Low Profile switches have a travel distance and actuation point reduced by 0.8mm over traditional Cherry MX switches. 

A Chiclet-style Keyboard with Cooler Master Flair
The SK621 keyboard is a chiclet-style keyboard, but it features a brushed aluminum top plate for durability and contemporary styling. 

No Software is Required
Cooler Master designed this keyboard to be as hassle-free as possible and programmed basic functions into the functions of the keyboard. As a result, no extraneous software is required. Users have the ability to adjust per-key backlighting, switch lighting modes, and record macros using key presses. 

Easy-to-Use Software
Even though it’s not necessary to enjoy the SK621 keyboard, Cooler Master does provide software for fine-tuning the keyboard’s functions.

Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW


  • KEYBOARD SWITCH TYPE: Cherry MX RGB Low Profile Switch
  • MATERIAL: Aluminum, Plastic
  • COLOR: Silver, White
  • KEYBOARD MCU: 32bit ARM Cortex M0
  • ON-THE-FLY SYSTEM: Yes, for Multimedia, Macro Recording and Lighting Control
  • MULTIMEDIA KEYS: Through Function Key (FN)
  • CABLE: USB Type-C Detachable & Braided
  • SOFTWARE SUPPORT: Yes, Through Portal
  • OS/PLATFORM SUPPORT (AT RELEASE): Bluetooth (Required: Bluetooth low energy technology), Windows 8+, Mac OS X 10.10+
  • CONNECTOR CABLE: USB Type-C (Keyboard Side), USB 2.0 Type A (Computer Side)
  • CABLE LENGTH: 1.8m, Braided & Removable
  • DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 293 x 103 x 29.2 mm
  • KEYBOARD WEIGHT: 424g / 0.934lbs (Without Cable)
  • WARRANTY: 2 years
Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW


The box that the SK621 keyboard comes in is simply decorated but does include a nice image of the product on the front as well as the main details (type of switches, RGB backlighting, Bluetooth compatibility, etc.). The back of the box is multilingual and outlines the main features of the keyboard. When you open the box, you find the keyboard wrapped up in a velvet-like carrying pouch. Users will find the USB-C cable and key puller stored beneath the keyboard. Cooler Master also included a Bluetooth setup guide and function control guide in the box. 


While I know that this keyboard is designed to be used for gaming, I tend to look at keyboards in terms of their basic functionality. With that in mind, the first thing I did was simply type some words out on the keys. I actually did this before I ever connected it to a computer or tablet. I just wanted to get a feel for the keys. The keys are nearly silent — especially when compared to other mechanical keyboards. The keys feel soft and are easy to type on. I actually really love the tactile sensation I get when my fingertips are resting on the keys. Their surface is soft and smooth. 

Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW

As much as I like the design and concept of this compact keyboard, I did find a couple of issues with it. Keep in mind, these are based on my personal preferences and I wouldn’t necessarily count these comments as defective flaws of the product itself.

  1. Because the keyboard is designed to be compact, I found that the key layout was just a bit too close together for me to be productive while using it. I had a lot of missed keystrokes and my average typing speed suffered by about 27% because of how close the keys were placed together. I also experienced a lot of double keystrokes when I would type.
  2. This keyboard was designed with no feet on it. This means that it sits flat on a surface instead of sitting at an angle. When I was working with the keyboard I actually fashioned some feet for it using some packaging foam. 
Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW

Aside from those two points, the SK621 keyboard is a very unique addition to any desktop. The backlighting is very bright and I love how you can switch between the lighting modes with just keystrokes. I was using this keyboard with my MacBook Pro and sometimes, there aren’t many controllable functions on mechanical keyboards. The SK621 does allow for some special functions to be used — even with Apple computers. 

Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard REVIEW


The Cooler Master SK621 White Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is in a class by itself. It does, in my opinion, have a very special use case and I feel that certain people may not get the same use out of it that others will. For example, standard productivity tasks might be a little more difficult than simply using the keyboard for gaming. The lighting effects are top-notch and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking to spice up their set-up because it looks amazing. 

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