More than ever before, artificial intelligence is gaining ground. Cast your mind back on the last sci-fi movie you watched; there’s sure to have been some incorporation of artificial intelligence e.g. in form of robots utilizing some off-the-charts gadgets.

And what if those gadgets could be replicated in your home? Think about it; there’s a chance that your home could become super smart! Enthralled? I am too! Now, let’s take a sneak peek into what the world of gadgets holds for your home.

Sony eclipse

It should come as no surprise to us that the world is ever finding a new way of deriving power and this includes solar power. The Sony eclipse was created by Hoang M Nguyen and Anh Nguyen. It is a media player which uses a photovoltaic cell on its backside to store solar power. With this media player, you need not worry about low battery when you wish to listen to your favorite song.

Eco- cleaner

 The world is revolutionizing into an eco-friendlier environment. This must have been the concept behind the birth of an eco-cleaner.  Due to this, in the nearest future, almost every house would possess at least a garden, plant or flower. The eco- cleaner makes use of ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on the dishes, converting it into a useable form for the plants. So you have two main benefits from using this device; cleaner dishes and a more enriching soil to support plant growth.

Green smart glasses

This is a smart way of harnessing heat energy from hot beverages and fluids. Generally, we all want a moderate temperature when we are drinking our tea or coffee- just warm. The mechanism used in this device is to absorb this heat energy when the temperature is too hot, convert it to electricity, store the electricity and use the electricity in performing the function of a refrigerator when needed. It saves the stress of waiting for the beverage to cool.

Robotic pool cleaners

Do you know how difficult it is to get that pool clean? Yeah, technology to the rescue!  A robotic pool cleaner is an automated pool cleaner designed to collect debris and sediment from a pool with minimal human intervention. These cleaners do not need to be attached to your pool.  They run on a power source- either via Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter (GFCI) or an internally charged battery. GFCI can detect and resolve electrical power imbalances which eliminate the risk of electric shock.


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LED Ceiling.

What do you do in your spare time; watch movies, play games? How about creating amazing artworks? Combined with the function of having a roof over your head, the LED ceiling permits you to create on the ceiling different shapes or designs you want using light! Amazing right? This concept was created by Seo Dong-Hun.

Wave ultrasonic wine ager and refrigerator.

  Ever wanted to age your wine to improve its quality? Your wish has come true! This device capitalizes on the ability of certain materials to heat up when brought near a magnet and cooled when the magnetic field is removed. This is known as the magneto-caloric effect. Along with aging, this device reduces carbon emission and increases energy efficiency. It can as well cut down electricity consumption by a whopping 40%