CookiesWorld is reminiscent of Candy Crush and not nearly as fun.

I really hate writing purely negative reviews. Really, I do. When I test an app or a product, I try to see it from all angles and pick out all the possible pros and cons. I try to be fair. Unfortunately, this time, it was really hard to see anything redeemable in CookiesWorld.

CookiesWorld by Webcreatorhub Inc. is a match-three game for iOS. It uses candy, cookies, and other sweets as its central theme across 120 different levels, and the point of the game is to collect ingredients off the board to feed the wolf. To do this, you match candies of the same color, creating different combinations to earn special candies that can clear rows, columns, or entire colors from the board. Sometimes you have to clear obstructions under the candies by matching over them a certain number of times. Sometimes you have to prevent wild gingerbread men from reaching a certain point on the board. If you don’t finish a level, you lose a life (you can have up to five at a time) and when you run out of lives, you either have to wait for another or spend coins (which you can earn or buy from the shop). You can also invite your Facebook friends!

CookiesWorld iOS Game REVIEW CookiesWorld iOS Game REVIEW

Sound familiar? If you’re thinking that this sounds like Candy Crush Saga, you’re exactly right. CookiesWorld is very, unfortunately, reminiscent of the game that you had to block from your notifications. I say it is “unfortunately reminiscent” because CookiesWorld seems to be trying to copy the very popular and recognizable game and doing quite a poor job of it. The static background images are distorted, and the photos used as headers for each level are super blurry and pixelated. There are ads like every 30 seconds. The start and loading screens look like children made them in Paint. Gameplay isn’t bad, really, but the terrible graphics make it so unappealing. It’s pretty impossible to become anything like immersed in playing this.

CookiesWorld iOS Game REVIEW CookiesWorld iOS Game REVIEW CookiesWorld iOS Game REVIEW

These flaws were glaringly obvious from the start, and I can confidently say that if I hadn’t been asked to review CookiesWorld I wouldn’t have ever downloaded or played it, and I would have been right to judge the book by its cover. Just stick to Candy Crush, and you’ll be better off.

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