Headphones provide superior sound.

Coocheer Stereo Sports Headphone Review 4It can be very hard to find a good set of headphones especially when you are active. There are a lot of different styles that try to conform to all types of use. I’ve tested out quite a few options for sports Bluetooth headphones and found this pair to be very interesting.

First of all, unlike other styles of headphones, these have a somewhat rigid cable and aren’t very flexible. When you slip them on, the cable drops behind your head and rests on  your neck. The earpieces are made to fit around the top of your ear with the earpiece dropping into the ear canal. They weren’t really uncomfortable, but they did seem to have an ‘odd’ fit. This behind-the-ear design is supposed to guarantee 100% stability and comfort for the user. While I’m not entirely sure that these headphones would stay put during vigorous activity, they did stay put while I was testing them.

Secondly, there are several pairs of ear cushions that were included with the headphones, which is something I appreciate as the ones pre-installed never seem to fit my ears quite right.

Coocheer Stereo Sports Headphone Review 5These Bluetooth headphones are universally compatible and I tested them out with my iPhone 6. I did have a slight problem getting them to connect via Bluetooth – it took two tries for a successful connection, but I didn’t have any issues with their connection after that.

The headphones produce a very nice sound once they are connected to your device. According to their specs, the headphones have high-fidelity stereo sound and support voice control. As far as battery life goes, the headphones have a talk time of up to 8 hours and music time of up to 6 hours. They recharge using a Micro USB cable, which is included.

These are a nice set of Bluetooth headphones that produce a superior sound over other headsets in its class.

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