Lighted art board brings unexpected fun.

Coocheer LED Light Board Review 3One class I was never very good in was art. I’ve never been the drawing type and only ever seem to draw simple houses made from squares and triangles. That being said, I always liked coloring and am pretty good at staying within the lines. Now that you know my background in art, you will no doubt find it amusing that I am reviewing a Professional LED Light Board by Coocheer.

The LED Light Board is an ultra-thin tracing pad equipped with a dimmable touch button. This light board has a large working surface of 12″ x 17″ and is lightweight for easy portability. It’s got a number of uses including stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Scrapbooking Sketching, Drawing, Stained Glass, Quilting and more. The LED lights are high-efficiency and can run up to 50,000 hours.

Coocheer LED Light Board Review 4When I first started testing out the light board, I was skeptical. I didn’t think that I was the right person to be reviewing it. Then I realized that I was the perfect person to review it because of my lack of art experience.

The light board was very easy to set-up. Out of the box, the instructions lead you to make sure you place the light board on a flat surface. I used a folding tray table, so really you could use any type of sturdy surface. The light board is powered by a USB cable connection. You can use either the power brick. that is provided or you can plug it into a computer for power. Once you have provided power to the light board, you simply tap the power button for the LEDs to come alive.

Coocheer LED Light Board Review 5The light board very simply creates a backlit environment for you to use for sketching or tracing purposes. For me and my lack of artistic ability, I decided to trace a program cover from the musical Wicked. I used some standard 20lb multipurpose copy paper, which was lightweight enough that the light moved right through it. For my first attempt, I sketched the outline of the program cover pretty well and I had a great time doing it. When I was done, I decided to dig out my good ole Crayolas and trace the cover one more time.

This LED Light Board is a lot of fun and an impressive tool for creating some inspirational pieces of art. I can see some wonderful applications for this art board and can recommend it based off of its ease of use.

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