A very capable charging solution for many devices.

Not too long ago, I discovered I had a problem. I had too many products to charge with too few power outlets. This is a problem for me both at home and at work, but it’s easily remedied with products like this one from Coocheer.

This 5-Port USB Power Strip is ideal for people who have many products to charge at one time. It features ‘smart’ USB charging, which means that no matter what device is plugged in – smartphone, tablet, etc. – it will receive the correct amount of power pushed to it. You can charge any combination of products using this power strip and feel safe. The Coocheer 5-Port USB Power Strip has a built-in surge protector, which will help to prevent any damage to devices charging when voltage fluctuations happen. The power strip also has a switch on the side to allow you turn the strip on and off as you need it.

Coocheer 5-Port USB Power Strip REVIEW

This power center has been a real life saver. First of all, it not only gives me the right amount of ports I need for charging, but it also provides a nice place for your tablet or smartphone to rest while it’s charging. The power center comes with a very long cord and I really like the convenience of being able to have this on my desktop while it’s plugged in down the wall somewhere. The Coocheer 5-Port USB Power Strip is really the perfect option for anyone who travels, too, because it is very lightweight and you can easily toss this into a carry-on bag for extra charging options in your hotel.

I’ve found this to be a very capable charger and would recommend it to anyone searching for a good charging solution for multiple USB powered devices as well as standard outlet extensions.

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