Coocheer 360 iPad Clamp Review

Photo_1There are stands and mounts for everything. My absolute favorite is the FLOTE M2, but with that said there are times the FLOTE is not practical. Over the weekend we had a Fourth of July cookout and I wanted to use my iPad to stream music to my Bluetooth speakers. This was actually a fairly simple task since we have several portable Bluetooth speakers, but I wanted to keep my iPad elevated and off of flat surfaces to keep it safe.

I used a really nifty gadget, the Coocheer 360, to clamp my iPad to a fence and it was great. Being able to clamp my iPad to random places is a great option for me since I use my iPad in a variety of different circumstances. What makes this mount so nice is that it’s very portable. It gives me an easy way to enjoy my iPad anywhere. It’s made from steel and plastic and is very durable. I would actually consider it ‘heavy weight’.

Photo_3Some of the 360 clamp’s main features include:

  • Specifically designed for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 (with 3 silicone pads)
  • Flexible gooseneck for multi-directional viewing
  • Swivel ball joint rotates easily to any orientation, angle, or position
  • Portable cable clips help you fix the cable on the gooseneck arm during charging

Photo_2I’ve used a lot of stands for iPad and I really like this one based off of its durability and functionality. The only problem I’ve really found with it is that due to its weight, you have to make sure you attached the arm to something that is stable enough to hold it. For example, I attempted to attach it to a folding tray table and the table became top heavy and tried to tilt over on me. But, when I had other items on the tray table, the arm was fine because it was counterbalanced.

Photo_1 2The Coocheer 360 clamp for iPad is a really nice addition to any iPad owners toolkit. It’s a very reasonable price in comparison to other iPad clamp holders I’ve seen in the market.


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