Spy camera gives you 1080P video in your pocket

These days video is everywhere. Virtually every business has CCTV. There are traffic cams on the street. Thanks to GoPro and similar devices, people are putting cameras on everything. A staggering percentage of the population is walking around with HD capability in their pockets just by owning a cell phone. As if that isn’t enough, now there is a growing market for hidden cameras such as pen cam and button cameras. Enter the Conbrov Wifi Pen Cam.

I’ll start by saying that the picture clarity is exactly what I expected. The specs boast 1080p resolution and they don’t lie. The video is clear. I was also very surprised at how stable it appears. Most small cameras have a tendency to seem very jerky when the would be cameraman moves. I didn’t notice that as much with this device. I am disappointed in the color, however. While I was putting the camera through its paces I noticed that my brown curtains appeared to be blue. Then I noticed that the whites of my eyes were actually yellow. Of course, that could be a conflict in lighting vs settings. Keeping in mind I’m not filming the next BBC mega-documentary in 4K ultra, this isn’t that big of a deal. With that said, this is still a very good camera.

Conbrov WF92 1080P HD Spy Camera REVIEW

Now that we know the camera works and produces a clear video, let’s get into some of the features. As the name implies, this camera is Wifi equipped. It can be linked to your phone or tablet allowing you to see and control the camera in real time through the Finalcam app which can be downloaded for free through your app store. With the app, the user has control over recording quality, aspect ratio, audio settings, and playback. Video files can also be saved directly to the connected device. However, the app is not necessary for use of the camera. There are four buttons that allow the user to operate the camera by itself. Functions can be changed from record, auto record, night vision and still photo all on the camera. Recorded files can then be moved to your wireless device or computer with a Wifi connection, the supplied HDMI cable, or with the supplied MicroSD card. This card has 8GB storage capacity but the camera will accept up to a 64GB card.

Conbrov WF92 1080P HD Spy Camera REVIEW

The general feel of the camera is good. It is light weight and has a relatively slim profile. It’s very portable so you can have it ready whenever the need occurs. The camera itself has a pocket clip to be easily worn in a shirt pocket. This is great for recording hands-free while enjoying hobbies or other activities. You won’t miss a thing with 90 minutes of recording per charge and only 1.5 to 2 hours charging time. This camera records in .MOV format with H.264 coding so your recorded files should be compatible with nearly every platform. It’s certainly a good camera for the cost and will prove useful to a lot of users.

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