An amazing option for pain/discomfort due to sporting injury

More than 20 years I was working as Taekwodo instructor. An unfortunate accident during a demonstration resulted in a torn ACL which required 2 surgeries to repair. Ever since that time I’ve been fighting constant pain in my leg that I can’t seem to get relief for. I’ve tried every type of physical therapy possible, attempted various exercises, tried different types of medicinal therapies, went through several rounds of injections into the knee, and even had another surgery recently to try to alleviate the discomfort I feel every single day. Nothing ever seems to really help except for compression. My fiancé tries to help by massaging the muscles in the leg, but she can only do so much. I’ve been to various masseuses and right after the massage, I have temporary relief. So, when I saw the information on these compression boots, I thought it would be worth a try since compression therapy has proven to help those recovering from ACL injuries.


The Compex Ayre Wireless Air Compression Recovery Boots are designed for therapists, coaches, elite and recreational athletes. It’s a therapeutic product that uses intermittent pneumatic compression to alleviate lactic acid build-up as well as stimulate the nervous system. The boots are meant to help promote blood flow and circulation by mobilizing lactic acid, access fluids, and other toxins. A recovery session lasts for 60 minutes unless a user stops it manually. Compression is powerful and rates up to 120 MMHG.

  • USES: Sore or aching muscles, pain, and swelling of the muscles, vein problems, diabetics blood flow.
  • BEST FOR: Aiding in the relief of sore or aching muscles from exercise or recreational activities helping you to be ready to go at full speed the next day.

The boots come with a charger, a case, and a quick start guide. The boots are wireless and rechargeable which keeps them ultra-portable and there are four separate compression chambers that can be inflated separately or simultaneously. The rechargeable battery is good for up to 3 hours of use before a recharge is required. The boots have a high-quality exterior and interior lining installed to make clean-up easier. 


There are a couple of things I want to point out right off the bat. First, the boots can be used independently from each other, which was a big plus for me. Even though both of my legs exhibit some throbbing sensations, the injured leg is my left one. So, it was a big help to me to be able to use just one boot at a time, or be able to use both depending on how my legs were feeling. Second, these boots are wireless! This is a big deal to me because other compression devices I’ve used tend to have multiple wires and tubes leading to it and trying to get all of those hooked up is quite miserable when you are already in pain. The boot slides on and is adjustable so it can work for different sizes quite easily. 

To say I was skeptical when I first tried the boots out is an understatement. I’ve just had so many products let me down — especially ones that ‘claim’ to compress. Those products just never seem to provide enough pressure for me to find relief. These boots provide powerful compression and in fact, I haven’t had them turned up full power yet, which is something I typically have to do in order to get any relief from compression devices. The Ayre boots are beneficial to me because they can provide compression for the entire leg at one time. That’s something that’s been hard to come by for me. 


The boots store very easily. They come with a storage case and when deflated, they fold up nice and neat into that box. There is enough space for the charging cable and manual, too. I have found the boots very easy to use, but I do wish there was a deflate button on the control panel. There has been more than one occasion that I’ve needed to stop a session midway and when you turn the boots off, then don’t automatically deflate. It would be nice to be able to press ‘stop’ and then ‘deflate’ to return the boots to a flattened state. 


Even though these boots are designed to help athletes recover from workouts, they have done a great job reliving me of pain that has been plaguing me for years. I think anyone with similar pain issues to mine would find these helpful as well.

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