Coloring for Grown-ups gives iOS users a colorful new game.

Coloring-1Did you enjoy coloring as a child? Have you ever wished that you could continue coloring as an adult? Well, now you can! Coloring for Grown-ups by Penguin Group USA gives iOS users a whole new way to procrastinate – with coloring! The app features coloring pages, mazes, and connect-the-dots from the authors of the Coloring for Grown-ups book series. You can use crayons or markers directly from your iOS device.

When you first open the app, you are met with a colorful start up screen. You can start coloring, view accomplishments, check out the index, look at more from the developer or get help for the app. When you select start, you are given a blank coloring page with crayon and marker selections. The first coloring page tells you to “Revisit a painful experience from your life to help you guess what each person is thinking.” You are meant to fill in each thought balloon and color in the scene. If you prefer not to color that scene, you can go through the maze “Escape the Toxic Relationship.” If you prefer to skip the maze, you can play “Hipster or Hobo” and color in the page to make the pictured man look like a ‘man of society’. And of course, Coloring for Grown-ups gives users to the option to share their creations to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Mail or save to Photos.

Coloring-3Some of the features include:

  • Dozens of coloring pag
    es, mazes and other activities from the book series
  • Exclusive pages created for this app
  • A variety of nostalgic drawing tools for creating unique masterpieces
  • Drunk Mode – for when you’re tired of coloring sober

Right from the beginning, you are taken into a world of colorful pages. The home screen is bright and inviting. The interface is so similar to a child’s coloring app on iOS that one can be easily fooled. I will admit that it is much harder to stay within the lines when coloring with your finger on a touch screen than when you are able to use actual physical crayons on paper. I found myself getting pretty frustrated trying to complete the maze when I wasn’t able to not hit the maze walls.

Coloring for Grown-ups is a fuColoring-2n, inventive app for iOS that gives users another option for filling dead time. One of the more inventive features of Coloring for Grown-ups is Drunk Mode. Drunk Mode actually takes the image you are trying to color, splits it into layers and then moves it around so that it’s nearly impossible to complete.

Coloring for Grown-ups is available for download in the App Store. It is rated 17+ for mature users only. It is currently on version 1.0 and was originally released on May 1, 2014. It retails for $2.99. For more information visit


Coloring for Grown-ups

Coloring for Grown-ups