Experience tons of coloring pages while you relax.

I’ve been looking for new ways to relax that simply give me a quite ‘time out’ in between productivity tasks. Normally I like to read or watch TV, but I’ve also liked to color from time to time. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to pull out a paper-based coloring book and markers. Fortunately, though, we like in the digital age and mobile app-based coloring books are a reality. I’ve tried several types of digital coloring books in the past and they’ve never really stuck with me. But I recently downloaded Color Therapy Coloring Number from the App Store and I am completely hooked.


  • Social Community for interacting and inspiring other coloring enthusiasts! Follow and get followed. Leave nice comments. Join coloring challenges!
  • More than 5000+ coloring pages in different themes such as The Fair ladies, Mandala, Floral & tree, Animals, Places, Objects, Thematic, Goth, Art, Fashion, Food, Pattern, Quotes/Typography, and Seasonal
  • The biggest Color Palettes Library with beautiful solid colors and gradients with regularly updated palettes such as basic, neon, pastel, metallic, metal, bubblegum, classic, vintage , rainbow, ombre, shades, serene, nature, sunrise, sunset, fruity, exotic and more!
  • Best coloring tools, line, and effects!
  • Beautiful calming music and sound FX

Color Therapy for iOS (compatible with iPhone and iPad) has been available since 2018 and is currently on version 5.1. The app is 223 MB in size and free to download. Because it’s free to download there are ads embedded within the app. Users have the option to complete in-app purchases that remove ads and give users more designs to color. The full list from the App Store is included below.

I actually found this in-app purchase option to be confusing so I did additional research and found some extra information in the app. Apparently, when you want to remove the ads, you subscribe for a week, month, or year. With that subscription, you get 8000+ designs, colors, brushes, and no more ads. To me, there is nothing more annoying than subscriptions in apps. I won’t go on a rant about it here, but I would much prefer a one-time purchase — even if it’s a higher-priced app.


When you use the 100% free version, not only do you get pop-up banner ads at the bottom of the screen, but you will also encounter hidden ads that occur when you use so many hints. For me, this completely messes up the ‘groove’ of the act of coloring by numbers. That groove it what is relaxing to me. So, even though I hate subscriptions, I am strongly considering a purchase just to be able to use the app as intended.

That said, I think Color Therapy is a solid app. In addition to coloring in images, users can also share their creations through the app’s social function or through other connected social media applications like Instagram. Color Therapy’s website describes the community function in these terms: “In Color Therapy, users unleash their creativity, de-stress, and relax all at once. Many of our users become close friends and support one another’s personal growth and creative developments.”

One of the things I really appreciate about the developer of this app is that they put information on their website about partnering with Mental Health America and provide information about free mental health screenings. Apparently the app developer and MHA worked together during 2019 for Mental Health Month (May), but Color Therapy left the information on their website for future reference, which I think is a great move.

Using the app is quite relaxing for me. To get started, you simply download it and then select an image you want to color. You are given the option to color it free-hand or by number. My advice is to use the color-by-number option if you only have a few minutes in-between tasks because you can zoom through an image quickly and still get the benefit of a relaxing activity. I would think the original coloring job would take longer.

The only real criticism I have is in regards to the fee structure. The app is easy to use and really fun and relaxing the more you work with it. I love that users can get support from other users and that even with the free version, you can share pictures out to social media.

For more information, colortherapy.app, Facebook and Twitter.