CollageIt Free creates quick, elegant photo collages using your personal photo collections.

CollageIt-2I spent some time with a close friend last night. She has a 4-month-old son and she told me that she has been taking a picture of him every day so that on his first birthday, she can make a flipbook. I thought this was a wonderful idea and even suggested to her that she make a collage of all his pictures. She has been taking pictures using her iPhone so what better way to make a collage than right on her phone. That is where CollageIt Free comes into the picture.

CollageIt Free for iOS makes it easy to tell a photographic story, like an infant’s first year of life, with just a few clicks. When you start the app up, you are met with a screen that allows you to create a new collage or choose from your gallery of shared collages. When testing, I chose to create a new collage. The app then asks you to choose an album either from Facebook or one of the albums on your phone or iPad. Once you choose an album, you then select the photos you would like to use in the collage. From there the pre-selected photos are automatically laid out into one of the eight pre-loaded templates. There are many additional templates included with an in-app purchase called Pro-Pack, which is available for $0.99.

CollageIt-1After you have selected a template that you like, you have the ability to edit photos within the collage. When you are happy with the photo edits, you can then finalize the collage by sharing it with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or email. You can also just save the collage to your library.

CollageIt Free by developer Pearl Mountain just released version 2.0 on September 13, 2013. Aside from an entirely brand new user interface, some of the other new features include added templates, added text, new photo effects, integration with Facebook, added background patterns, additional photo border options and other general bug fixes.

This is my first experience with CollageIt Free and I was very impressed with it. I’m usually not a fan of in-app purchases, but this time it was done right. CollageIt Free is completely free to download. There are several options within the free version and you can finalize the project completely and share it without unlocking part of the app first. I love how easy CollageIt Free was to use. Within about 60 seconds, I had a beautiful, customized collage without any hassle or complications. You could spend a lot of time customizing the collage, but you don’t have to. I’ve used other iOS collage apps that require you to place each photograph individually, but with CollageIt Free’s automatic placement, it makes creating a collage quick and easy.

If you use an iOS device as your primary camera, I highly recommend downloading CollageIt Free. It is a great tool to have on your iPhone and makes sharing photos elegant and easy.