Colapic 2 keeps memories alive with photo-stitching.

While I was at a family gathering yesterday, my grandmother showed me a photo album which featured her wedding photos, anniversary photos and other special memorabilia. At this same gathering, my brother set-up a digital picture frame for her that he had pre-loaded with photos from family members. It occurred to me that physical photo albums, like the one my grandmother has, are becoming a lost art. There are still some scrapbooking hobbyists in the world, but many people are moving towards digital preservation of their memories. There are many applications that assist with this duty. Photo-stitching and collage work are among the most popular apps to utilize for digital scrap-booking. Colapic 2 is one of these apps.


Example of Colapic 2 photo-stitch.

Colapic 2 is a photo-stitching tool that allows users to select multiple photos, a distinct layout, color style and appropriate text for preserving these all important memories. Colapic 2 comes with over a dozen unlocked layouts for stitching, but supports over 200 layouts (in-app purchase). The app allows you to save your stitch to your computer, or share it via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Apple Messages or Email. You can also print your stitch directly from Colapic 2.

There are couple of things I noticed while testing this app. #1 – Colapic does utilize drag and drop for photo input and works with iPhoto in this regard. I pulled photos directly from my iPhoto library and dropped them onto the layout in Colapic and it automatically re-sized it to fit the field. #2 – when a stitch is saved to your computer, there is no file extension with it. There is also no option to ‘save as’ within the file menu. This would be a welcome addition to the app. Another observation I made was that the layouts cannot be sorted. Because all layouts appear in the layout menu whether or not you have unlocked it, it was hard to sort through the layouts to find one that would work with the three photos I had selected. The app does allow for saving favorites and viewing recently used layouts, but it does not allow for sorting. I personally would like to see a place for stitches to be saved within the app. It would help to be able to go back to previously created stitches and be able to modify them.

Colapic 2 is a simple, well-designed app for photo-stitching. It is free to download from the Mac App Store.