Coda 2.5 update now available.

In conjunction with the release of Mac OS X Yosemite, Panic, Inc. has announced the release of its widely popular web development app, Coda. Coda 2.5 is a substantial update that includes a faster – sometimes up to 10 times faster – better editor complete with indentation guidelines, color code tabs, better autocomplete and much more. Panic Sync keeps your site in sync between your computers so that you can switch between work stations quickly and easily.

coda-screen-1200Coda 2.5 also has some more powerful plug-ins. You can also now writer Sidebar plug-ins and GUI tools can actually live in Coda’s sidebar. Plus, Sidebar plug-ins can be written in HTML or Javascript.

Coda 2.5 has a beautiful new interface that is Yosemite ready. There is a lot of transparency included in its design, but it’s a seamless connection between Coda 2.5 and OS X. Possibly the biggest new feature for Coda 2.5 is the local indexer. It optionally indexes all the files in your local site.

Coda 2.5 is not available to download within the App Store, but Panic has made it easy for migration away from the App Store version. For more on this topic, check out Panic’s blog post:

Coda 2.5 is available for new users at a price of $99 and it’s free to current users.

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