Tech Backpack great for technology professionals and staying organized.

Several years ago, I found a great product called, Grid-It. Grid-It is a flat, open-sleeve based cable organizer. It utilizes soft, elastic bands that are arranged into different configurations so that you can slip your gathered/folded cables into it with ease. The design is made such that you can slide the Grid-It into another bag – like a laptop bag – and go. Grid-It comes in various sizes and is the best option for organizing cables that you carry with you – well, the best one that I’ve found anyway.

Grid-It is made by a company called Cocoon Innovations and they design numerous product solutions for organization. Even though the Grid-It was my first experience with Cocoon Innovations, they have an entire slew of products that seek to help people with their technology organization. I was ecstatic to find that they actually had an entire line of backpacks and bags that incorporate the Grid-It into their design. One such backpack is the Tech Backpack.

Cocoon Tech Backpack Review 2

I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Tech Backpack now for the past couple of weeks. I carry my 13” MacBook Pro, iPad Air 2, and a plethora of cable and battery packs with me to and from work everyday. Some might find this excessive, but trust me, carrying that much equipment with me has saved me time and time again. Part of my ensemble is a Large Grid-It organizer. The Tech Backpack features a full size (meaning is is the full size of the backpack) Grid-It organizer in its outer pocket. This makes it possible for you to not only carry all your accessories and cables with you, but you can also keep them incredibly organized. How many times have you left the house in a hurry and just toss a charging cable or two into your laptop bag? Doesn’t that make it almost impossible to untangle later? Well, the Tech Backpack allows you to keep those charging cables at bay.

The interior compartment is large enough to house a 16” laptop, some paper work, and your tablet. The laptop pouch is padded to protect your computer and the shoulder straps are adjustable as well as ergonomic to make the backpack comfortable to carry – even longer distances.

Cocoon Tech Backpack Review 4

Because I’m a fan of the Grid-It technology design, I was instantly taken with the full-sized Grid-It compartment. My large Grid-It accessory sleeve is always constantly full and I welcomed the additional organizational space. I usually use my Grid-It for cables exclusively, but with the added space in the backpack, I decided to incorporate a few chargers as well. The Grid-It holds all these items in place very, very well.

As far as the main compartment goes, I wasn’t sure if there would be enough space for all my stuff. It’s true that I only have a 13” MacBook Pro, but I carry my iPad Air 2 in a case and usually a few other items with me. Fortunately, I did find that there was sufficient space for both my laptop, tablet, and a few other items. I typically like more pockets on the inside compartment, but made due without.

Cocoon Tech Backpack Review 5

Toting the Tech Backpack to and from work was very comfortable. I never found myself with a cramped back or a shoulder strap sliding off my arm. I also found that weight was distributed very evenly. Because it has a slim line to it, the Tech Backpack is really great for commuters. It slides comfortably behind the drivers’ seat in my car and has a nice spot in my office at work. It has a small footprint, but has ample space inside for the essential devices that are needed on a daily basis.

After testing this bag out, I feel that the Tech Backpack is ideal for technology professionals. I’ve known many computer technicians and they usually like to travel light, while having a variety of connectors and cables in tow. This backpack is perfect for that type of use. While I do like what the Tech Backpack provides in terms of organization, I feel that a bag with more interior pockets suits my personal needs better. I will continue using the Tech Backpack for specific times when I need all my cables and connectors with me.

Cocoon Tech Backpack Review 5

The Tech Backpack is a very sturdy, flexible backpack that will be ideal for people who like to stay organized.

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