Cocoon Elementary Backpack Review

Backpacks remind me of being in school. As far back as I can remember, I always carried one for my books and papers. No too long after I graduated high school and started college, did a backpack become more than just a place for school papers. It became my home away from home and the perfect companion for my technology devices. I use backpacks as a way to stay portable. If you were to open my backpack today here’s what you would find in it – my 13” MacBook Pro and its charging cable, my iPad Air 2, at least one external battery, various types of cables, a miniature Bluetooth mouse, and a small case that contains various USB drives and accessories. It’s quite a menagerie of objects. For all of these items to be comfortable and portable, a suitable laptop backpack is needed. My backpack choice today is the Elementary 15″ Backpack by Cocoon.

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This stylish, functional backpack has a lot of room in it. I was surprised at the massive main compartment that was available. What is a little odd about it is that there is only a half pocket for the laptop. For my 13” laptop, it was a functional pouch, but for others with larger laptops, I could see it being a little bit of a problem with balance.

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The outside pocket houses a second pouch and a small Grid-It cable organizer. The Grid-It is made up of elastic bands that criss-cross and form a secure, strong grid. To use it, you simply slide cables between them. It keeps your cables from being unruly and keeps your bag organized. I’ve been using a Grid-It for years and find it a welcome addition to my arsenal of technology products. This compartment actually has a pouch that is large enough for a tablet, but my iPad Air 2 in a slim case did not fit inside it. It did, however, fit behind the Grit-It quite comfortably. I’d really like to see a more padded dedicated pocket for a tablet.

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In general, I really like the Elementary backpack from Cocoon. It is reminiscent of the backpacks I used to carry when I was in grade school. I feel like all my belongings fit into the backpack well. I did find that the weight, while evenly distributed was not satisfactory. I have another slim backpack that I pack with even more items and it feels lighter than the Elementary. I do think this is a great backpack from Cocoon. It’s made from a durable material and has plenty of space for all your belongings.

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