Climate for Mac provides quick, easy management of your Nest thermostat.

With the price of utilities constantly fluctuating installing a programmable thermostat can help families manage their energy usage much better. There are many different models and kinds available and there are even those that work with your smartphone.

The Nest is a programmable learning thermostat. It connects to your home WiFi network and can be programmed and controlled even when you are away from your home. The Nest has a native web app and iOS app from the manufacturer that ensure you can always connect with your thermostat. In addition to the Nest’s native apps, there is also a menu bar utility app for Mac called Climate that provides quick and easy management of your Nest.

Climate’s interface is very similar to what you see on the web app or iOS app. It shows the home icon, which contains all home preferences that the Nest uses to learn about your energy use and habits and the Nest icon, which provides access to your energy preferences, temperature schedule and additional settings.

Before discovering this app, I primarily used my iOS apps to manage our home Nest. They work, but can sometimes take a fair amount of time to connect to the device. When I began using Climate, I immediately noticed how much peppier the utility app was in comparison to the iOS apps. It is very responsive to changes in settings and connects very quickly.

In addition to the quick, responsive connection to the Nest, Climate also provide push notifications to the desktop of your Mac. Since the thermostat is programmable, it clicks on and off when it falls below or raises above the specified temperatures automatically. The menu icon shows what the temperature is set for in your schedule. Once it reaches that designated temperature, a message will pop up on your Mac desktop notifying you that the Nest has completed its temperature adjustment. Notifications will also appear when a change is made to the settings or schedule from somewhere other than Climate.

Climate is a solid, well-designed app. I recommend it to any Nest owners. It’s the best way I’ve found to manage our Nest settings and schedules.


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