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About a month ago, I went to visit some of my co-workers in a remote location for a meeting. It was early morning and I didn’t think that I would be in the building for very long so I left my phone sitting in its vent mount. While I was inside, the sun crested across the horizon and ended up heating my phone up. I was only inside the building for about 45 minutes, but in that time, my phone was heated up past its comfort level and it gave me the dreaded temperature warning. The phone was officially locked until it cooled down. I had to wait until it reached a safe temperature to operate and sometimes you just don’t have that time. This is where Climate Case comes into play.

Climate Case is an insulating smartphone case that prevents your smartphone from overheating or freezing. And, if your phone happens to be overheated or frozen already, you can restore it in less than 60 seconds using the Climate Case’s technology. The multilayered sleeve uses patented gel technology to ensure that your phone can maintain its temperature. It’s made of durable neoprene and is only 7mm thick.  The case will fit modern smartphones sizes including iPhones, Samsung phones, LG, HTC, Sony, and Motorola.

Climate Case Insulating Smartphone Case REVIEW

The case is really easy to use. You will either chill it or warm it up depending on the result you want to achieve by using it. For example, if you are trying to prevent the phone from overheating, you will want to refrigerate the case for 4 hours and then store your phone in it before you head outside. This is great if you plan to be in extremely warm environments. If you want to revive your heat-locked phone, you will want to make sure you freeze your Climate Case and then it will cool your phone down in less than a minute. You will want to be careful when using the Climate Case because even though it’s machine washable, the case is not waterproof. It does, however, come with a plastic pouch that could be used to protect your phone even further.

Climate Case Insulating Smartphone Case REVIEW

I tried out the Climate Case with my iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus, and even slid a Google Pixel inside. Both phones were being stored inside a case and they fit nicely inside the pouch. I didn’t have any issues getting them in or out of the case. The case itself is a little bulky and weighted. I know that it’s because of the gel, but do wish that it wasn’t quite so poofy. The Velcro closure is very strong and I was quite impressed by it. I honestly would have liked to see it designed with a loop on the back or a small handle somehow so that it was easier to carry. I could see this being attached to a belt loop quite nicely.

Climate Case Insulating Smartphone Case REVIEW

While I love the concept of this product, I think there are some inherent flaws. For one thing, you have to freeze it to recover an overheated phone. That means you would have to have the foresight to know that you would need to stick it in the freezer the night before. If that was its only use then it wouldn’t be so bad, but since you can also use it to warm up a frozen phone, I would think it would be best to keep the case neutral and at room temperature until you have to use it.

I did actually freeze the pouch overnight and found that the gel doesn’t become hardened like I thought it might. It stays soft and pliable, but the sleeve is definitely cooler. The nice this is that it’s not so cold that it would be harsh against your device. I did not notice any condensation forming on the sleeve or the phone.

Climate Case Insulating Smartphone Case REVIEW

All in all, it’s a nicely designed product and I feel that if you can decide on how you want to use it, then it’s a good investment.

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