Remarkable earbuds that stand up to more premium options in the market.

It’s close to that gift-giving time of year again and now more than ever, it’s going to be tough to decide what to get the people in your life. One great suggestion is a good set of earbuds. But, with so many choices out there, which ones should you pick? My suggestion is the GOAL Sport True Wireless Earbuds from CLEER. They are tough, easy to use, and sound amazing. 


The GOAL earbuds are the lightest true wireless earbuds made by CLEER. They are designed to offer a secure, yet comfortable fit. They rest gently inside your ear to eliminate the pressure that some in-ear earbuds cause. This provides extended use without discomfort. These earbuds come with a C-shaped wing that keeps the earbuds in place even during rigorous workouts. The earbuds have custom-tuned 14mm drivers that produce robust sound with deep bass. The earbuds are ‘workout ready’ and rated IPX4 (sweat-proof, water-resistant). Each earbud has built-in touch controls that allow the user to control calls, skip, play/pause music, and access your digital voice assistant. 

Lightweight passive earbud design eliminates pressure from your ear canal
Secure Twist Fit Floating Freebit C-skirt (S, M, L sizes)
IPX4 sweatproof, water-resistant design
Custom tuned 14mm dynamic driver
20 hrs of total music playback (earbuds = 6 hrs, charging case 14)
Track skip, play/pause, volume controls and access your phones voice assistant from the earbuds
Wear to listen, remove to pause with built in sensor
2-mic design with echo noise suppression technology for clear phone calls
Charging case provides 14hr of additional playback
USB-C charging port with USB-C cable included
Quick Start Guide and Manual included


Whenever I opened a new set of earbuds I usually let out a sigh because they NEVER fit me right. In fact, the only earbud-style headphones I like and can tolerate wearing for very long are Apple’s AirPods. That’s because the design of the earpiece isn’t meant to infiltrate your ear canal like so many other styles of earbuds. CLEER’s GOAL Sport earbuds have the same type of design on the earpiece – PLUS they add a wing to keep the earbud in place. That’s a HUGE bonus in my mind. In addition to that, the touch controls are easy to learn. 

The GOAL earbuds are also easy to get started with. Out of the box, they have a charge and are ready to use. The earbuds ship in their charging case and the power will automatically turn on when you remove them from said case. The earbuds immediately enter pairing mode and you can select them from your device’s Bluetooth menu. From that point on, the earbuds will automatically connect to the last device it was paired to when it is in range. 

As I mentioned above, the earpiece is designed to sit gently inside your ear and not meant to be jammed into your ear canal. I much prefer this design to other standard in-ear headphones. The wing is a great feature and it makes ‘fitting’ the earbuds super easy. You simply place the earpiece in your ear and twist the wing until it silicone wing fits in your ear. There are several different sizes of wings included to ensure the user gets a good fit. I was able to wear these earbuds for several hours and didn’t have any issues with sore ears. They didn’t fall out of my ears with standard activity and earbuds have a tendency to do that with me. 

The sound of the GOAL earbuds is pure and full. I enjoyed listening to a variety of different music with them including Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and even Christmas music. All of the music sounded like it should. In fact, I would say that music sounded like I was using a set of on-ear headphones instead of in-ear earbuds. I was very surprised at how deep bass sounded and how the mixes of different tracks didn’t sound hollow. I also used the headphones while I was watching streaming video and found that it sounded just as good as it does through TV speakers or computer speakers. The dialogue was clean and I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything with the sound mix. Even though they don’t offer ANC, they fit so well that you get a great isolation effect simply by wearing them properly. I couldn’t hear anything outside my office door when it was closed and I couldn’t really hear my fingers typing on my mechanical keyboard, which was right in front of me. 


If you are like me and don’t like traditional earbuds, I would give the CLEER GOAL Sport True Wireless Earbuds a shot. They are comfortable and sound great. They are affordable (only $69.99 at the time of publishing) and give you a lot of features for the investment. I really can’t say enough good things about these earbuds. 

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