Great options for styling the Apple Watch

Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Review 3I love my Apple Watch. It’s a wearable that I’ve enjoyed putting on in the morning. Unlike other wearables, I put my Apple Watch on everyday and use the heck out of it. I have the 42mm Stainless Steel version and it originally came with the Milanese Loop. As much I like that band, I wanted more band options right off the bat. I liked the idea of having a nice stainless steel metal band, but thinking about dropping more than $400 on the Apple band made me sick. That’s why I was so happy when third party companies started designing bands at affordable prices.

Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Review 4Specially designed for the Apple Watch to give you an alternative high-quality band option, Ubegood created a wonderful band that I’m really enjoying. It’s stainless steel that sort of looks more nickel then the chrome finished stainless of the body on the Apple Watch. That’s ok because it’s so close you really can’t tell unless you’re looking for the different colors.

The company sends you a nice bag to store the watch case in and when ordering it you get the tools to remove the links if you need to shorten up the band. This is great because I needed to take two links out and using the tools that came with it was very simple. I had never removed links from a band before. The tools made the task simply easy.

Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Review 5They also sent a clear rubber case for the Apple Watch body that is very useful. If you’re going to be participating in sporting activities like rock climbing or skateboarding, your Apple Watch will be protected from dents and scratches.

Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Review 6Something else that came in the package was a glass screen protecter for the screen of the Apple Watch. I have the 42mm Apple Watch so it was odd that the package contained one glass screen protector for a 38mm Apple Watch. I’m not complaining because I was able to give that to my fiancé who has a 38mm watch.

All in all this is a very well-designed band. It makes your Apple Watch look very classy and gives it some heft. If your looking to get a stainless steel band, but don’t want to shell out the $400 Apple charges, this band is the one for you. Get the style at a low cost.