Network monitoring system will be up to $40 off it’s regular price during holiday sales

Circle Home Plus –  smart home product for parents – will be on sale at Amazon and Best Buy starting November 24. It’s the easiest, most comprehensive in- and out-of-home parental control solution to manage online use and content, designed to bring balance to the modern-day connected family. 

As you’re aware, Circle Home Plus is comprised of both a hardware and software component, and allows parents to set limits, block content, and keep track across all devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, smart TVs, video game consoles, cell phones, etc.), everywhere. 

  • Every device—From smartphones to smart assistants, Circle manages online time on any connected device. 
  • Easy to use—Download the app, connect Circle to your router, and it automatically detects your family’s devices. Start managing every device from one app. 
  • Works everywhere—No gaps in coverage when mobile devices leave the house, disconnect from Wi-Fi, or even join another network.
  • Feature-rich—9 essential parental control features, at your fingertips, so you can customize individual profile settings for each family member.
  • Backs you up—You decide which limits to put in place, and Circle enforces them. No more getting stuck as the bad guy. 
  • Super fast—Built for fast networks with 1Gb ethernet port

AMAZON: November 24 – December 3 | 30% $129 New Price: $90

BEST BUY: November 24 – December 3 | $40 Off $129 New Price: $89

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