Cinch is a simple no hassle solution to resizing windows.

Because I live in front of my MacBook Pro, I’ve found certain applications have become part of my daily workflow. Without them, the time I spend would not be as productive as it could be. Today I wanted to show you one of the apps I use on my Mac that helps with my productivity. Meet Cinch. Cinch allows you to precisely resize a window simply by dragging to the left, right, or top screen edge. Cinch has one basic task and it does it quite well.


Doing reviews daily, I’ve found myself placing windows side by side and sometimes going full screen just to read a long email or article. Now with Cinch I can compare two windows without jumping back and forth.

Cinch has become one of the tools I use on my Mac all the time. It has also found a home on my list of applications to install when setting up a new computer. Most of the time when reinstalling an OS or setting up a new Mac, I go without installing software until I need it. Thus keeping from filling up my machine with software I might not use. I do cheat a bit with a list of ten apps that I must install during a new setup and Cinch is one app that made that list.

So why did Cinch make this list? Because during my day I’m constantly comparing apps. Cinch is a simple no hassle solution to resizing windows.

Cinch-resize-noWhen using Cinch, you can fill your screen by dragging your window towards your menu bar. When a window runs into an edge, an outline will appear letting you know Cinch has activated. Fullscreen does not work on every window, for example the about this Mac information screen. Irradiated Software made it easy to know when a window won’t work by showing a no resize image.

When dragging your window to the left or right side of the screen, your cursor runs into the edge and an outline will appear allowing you to drop the window on one half of the screen.

To place your window back to the original size, drag it away from the side you have it on and it will pop back to its former glory.

When using multiple Spaces on your Mac, you will notice if you don’t release Cinch after the outline appears, you will drag your window to the next Space. When first getting used to Cinch, this might happen. Don’t let it discourage you from using Cinch. You will just need to release the window a bit quicker.

Cinch is a great way to increase productivity. Cinch is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and can be purchased in the Mac App Store for $6.99 or from Irradiated Software’s website.


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