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Not too long ago, I added a large, HD monitor to my desk set-up. I really love having the ability to use the second screen when the occasion calls for it but when you have a 2016 MacBook Pro that only has USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports for input/output signals, you end up having to complete a workaround in order to connect to your new, shiny computer monitor. I’ve used a few different methods including a video adapter for a USB-C cable and a docking station for my laptop. I recently added a couple of new cables to my collection that makes this connection much easier. Choetech has two USB-C to HDMI cable options that are a worthy investment for the USB-C computer owner. 


USB C to HDMI Braided Cable

This USB-C accessory cable gives you the power to connect to an HDMI monitor, TV, or another device.  The cable is covered with a braided nylon fabric for durability. The USB-C end is a 90º right angle for easy use, especially in tight spaces. The cable comes with a black zipper case which is not only a stylish way to carry the accessory, but it’s also space-saving. There is no special software to install or converter to worry about. You just plug the cable in and the connection is made. The USB-C to HDMI Braided Cable supports resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz (four times more clarity than 1080p60).


Type C to HDMI Cable with 60W Power Delivery

The biggest difference between this cable and the one I described above is that this device includes power delivery. This is a very useful option when you are taking up a port with a specialty cable. Just like the USB-C to HDMI Braided Cable, this cable also delivers 4K video resolution at 60Hz. It’s backward compatible to 4K @ 30Hz and 1080P @ 60Hz, too. It’s a direct link to an HDMI monitor or TV and it doesn’t require special software or adapters in order for it to work. The power delivery side of this cable is designed to deliver 20V/3A (60W) or power. This will work with MacBook Pros up to 13 inches, but the 15-inch models require 87W of power delivery to charge. 


Both of the described cables are compatible with the following devices:

  • 2017/2016 MacBook Pro
  • 2016/2015MacBook
  • 2017 iMac
  • ChromeBook Pixel
  • HP EliteBook Folio G1
  • Dell XPS 13-9350-R1609 13.3″, XPS 15
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus
  • HUA WEI Mate 10
  • HTC U11


I tested both cables out in the same manner. I plugged the cable directly into my MacBook Pro (13-inch) and then into the HDMI port of my Viotek monitor. Each cable performed admirably and the signal I got on the screen was nice and clear. I like having both of these cables at my disposal because I can use them for different things. For example, the cable that does not offer power delivery is more versatile because it is smaller. I love that it has a right angle connector because that makes it have a much smaller footprint on my desktop. The cable that offers power delivery worked well, but I did discover that it retained a lot of heat. After being plugged into my laptop and monitor, the cable was reaching temperatures in excess of 115º (at the connector). I did not have power plugged into the cable — this was just from a USB-C to HDMI connection. The heat did not seem to affect the cable’s performance, but it was a little concerning to me since the cable was supposed to also offer power delivery which could end up generating additional heat, too. 



Choetech has some fine products designed to help people connect with their machines. I like the designs of these USB-C to HDMI cables and like having cost-effective options for cables like this. 

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