Wireless charging quite convenient for compatible devices.

Choetech Iron Stand & Circle Qi Inductive Chargers Review 3The Qi charging standard, (pronounced ‘ki’ from the Chinese word meaning “Natural Energy”) is a useful technology to include in any device that is relatively small and needs to be charged frequently. My Samsung Galaxy S6 supports this standard, but unfortunately an inductive charger is not included with the phone.

Enter two really cool options from Choetech: The Iron Stand Wireless Charger and the Circle Qi Wireless Charger. Both of these nifty Qi chargers will allow you to “wirelessly” charge your S6 or any device that supports the Qi standard and will fit on the stand or pad.

Choetech Iron Stand & Circle Qi Inductive Chargers Review 4I have been using both of these Qi chargers for a almost a week and they both do a great job of keeping my phone charged with little to no effort I my part. I leave the Iron Stand on my desk at work and the Circle Charger on my night stand at home.

Setup is easy with both units; you simply plug them in and lay your device on the mat or stand. In the case of the Iron Stand, there are indicator lights on the side of the stand to let you know it’s charging. With the Circle Charger, the ring around the mat lights up.

Choetech Iron Stand & Circle Qi Inductive Chargers Review 5Ascetically speaking, I prefer the look of mat and the lighting feature makes it obvious that your device is charging. However, the Iron Stand also looks great on my desk and its brushed aluminum matches my Mac and other Apple devices (Yes, I have an iPhone, too LOL).

Either one of these Qi chargers would make an excellent choice to keep your devices charged, but if you’re like me, you might want both.

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