Product provides basic charging for many mobile devices.

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger Review 3Let’s face it, we are all tethered to our smartphones. Devices have tended towards shrinking sizes, while increasing speed, storage, function and overall ability. Unfortunately, the battery technology is not changing/adjusting as quickly. Do you use your phone regularly for work/play? Do you often have to charge your phone during the day? If so, proceed onward.

As far as I can remember, I have had a car charger in my vehicle. These were often ugly and large. Some of you may even remember back when cords were curly and you wrapped your fingers around the cords during conversations. These have been replaced with USB car chargers, which are smaller and less of an eyesore. Now, you can hardly go into a gas station or into an electronics store without impulse buy USB car chargers everywhere. There are bins at my local movie rental store (these do still exist), bins in my local Verizon store and numerous offerings at my local Bestbuy and Walmart stores.

For the past few years I have used a generic USB 2.0 mA two outlet car charger. It has charged my iphone 5, now my 6s plus, my sons Kindle Fire HD, my wife’s phones (not so tech friendly) and anything else that has a USB charging ability. It has become second nature that whenever I am in my truck my phone is charging. This is one habit that is hard to break even now with my 6s plus.

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger Review 4I have been given a new USB Charger to review, the Choetech Dual USB car charger. The product unboxing shows a descriptive dust cover with a slide out brown box. Inside you will find the charger nestled in a cutout. Removing the cardboard there is a USB to micro USB cable. Unfortunately, there is no lightning cable provided with this device. This is not a big deal, as I already have three. The instructions are self-explanatory. The device simply plugs into a standard car lighter port, and a USB charging cable (either included cable or one of your choosing) plugs into one of the charging ports.

The device has a 12 month warranty starting on the date of purchase. Per package insert, the product can be replaced or returned for refund for any reason under the unconditional return policy, which is honestly a great offer from this company. The company provided a cute little instruction manual with a page noting “happy” and a QR code that you can use to learn more info. The QR code takes you to the Choetech website. You can review other products there. The company states that they’ll respond to you within 12 hours.

Now to the device itself. One immediately notices that there are two charging ports and one of these ports is surrounded by a blue circle. This is listed as the auto detecting QC 2.0 charging port. This technology is supposed to automatically detect the device and reduce the charge and time of all QC 2.0 enabled devices by 75%. The second lower port is a normal auto detecting charging port. This still has the ability to detect the device and adjust the output needed by your device. Choetech Dual USB Car Charger Review 5The Qualcom Quick Charge technology is still relatively new. A quick internet search shows it was developed in 2012 and there are a dozen or so devices that use this tech. It will charge faster but may heat up the device more than usual, which is apparently acceptable. This device claims to have a safety against overcurrent, overcharging and short circuit. It claims to have no risk of overheating to damage your devices. This tech sounds really cool. Alas, I have no QC 2.0 devices to test this.

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger Review 6So, although the device can autodetect in both ports, the blue port has an added feature and detects those QC 2.0 devices such as galaxy S6/S6 edge/LG, HTC M9, Moto X, Note 4/edge, Nexus six to name a few. A full list can be found on the Internet. To be able to use the blue port to its fullest potential, your device must have a quick charge 2.0 technology. Unfortunately for us Apple device users, this tech is not supported. I don’t have any of the tech listed in the guide to test the charging speeds. My iPhone 5 and 6s plus charge about 1% per minute from both the top and bottom ports. The device is supposed to adjust the current to that required by your device. It appears to charge just as fast as my generic 2.0 mA car USB charger. As always, it is important that you use an original cable for your device or a certified third-party cable to prevent damage to self and property.

This charging technology is about 3 years old and is still gaining momentum. I will give this 3.5/5 stars. I would have given more stars, but I cannot get much use out of this device beyond basic charging. I really like the website, I like the company, the return policy. I would love to try out the 19W solar charger listed on their site. This device has found its way into my car to charge my devices and my wife has now inherited my old generic USB charger for her Galaxy S5. I like that the ports auto detect devices. I like the idea of QC 2.0 tech, and this device would be the perfect car charging accessory for a person with a supported device. At present I just have nothing that supports this tech.

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