Looking for an amazing gift for the Apple lover in your life? How about an inexpensive MFI certified 6.6-foot USB-C to Lightning cable from CHOETECH?

I recently picked up a new Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max and loved the look, the feel, the design, the allure, the camera power, and the stunning blue color.  Despite all of the positives of this powerhouse of an iPhone, I was a bit disappointed with their decision to eliminate a charging wall adapter and with their choice to continue with the Lightning charging port.  Since my MacBook Pro 15” and my iPad Pro 11” both use USB-C charging, it is a bit of an annoyance to carry several types of charging cables and power blocks/hubs that can power USB-C and USB-A devices.  Luckily, there are bridging solutions to this problem.  As you search for stocking stuffers this Christmas, look to the CHOETECH USB Type-C to Lightning Cable for the Apple lover in your family. 

The CHOETECH USB Type-C to Lightning Cable arrived in a 5 7/8 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches wide by 5/8 inches thick retail package.  I enjoyed the vivid, pristine, white-colored cover, side, and rear panels, and the turquoise colored top and bottom panels.  You will find the CHOETCH name with a splash of turquoise and the IP0036 model number along the top of the cover panel.  Although a bit generic, the “USB TYPE-C to Lightning Cable” name was clearly visible upon the white background.  Along the bottom of the panel, you will find the Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod logo, a 2m logo, and a small box labeled with “100% Original product.”  The cover’s main focal point was the glossy, slightly-raised, black/silver image of the USB-C to lightning cable.  Turning to the side panels, you will find the same product title as the cover panel.  The rear panel proved to be a bit busier than the other panels.  It explained the MFI moniker, provided a picture of the cable connecting a MacBook Pro and iPhone, and listed the product specifications: IP0036 model, USB TYPE-C: LIGHTNING, 480Mbps transfer speed, and  2meter distance.  Lastly, along the panel’s bottom, you will find the company address, 18-month warranty, product SKU sticker, a QR code linking to the company website, a list of the support@choetech.com email address, www.choetech.com website address, and product manufacturing labels. 

Before opening the product, I noticed a small hiccup in the packaging design.  The cover image showcased a black cable, while the rear panel showed a white cable’s image.  Additionally, the white cable was clearly visible through a small 1/2 inches tall by 1/4 inches wide clear window along the package’s right side. The only clue about the color of the cable was the UPC sticker along the bottom of the panel (IPOO36-wh).  Although not a deal-breaker for me, I know several people who want their cables to be of a similar color.   I opened the packaging, slid out the inner clear plastic tray, and then removed the 81-inches long, 1.76-ounce USB-C to Lightning Cable and velcro retention strap.  The cable’s lightning end had a 1/4 niches tall lighting prong with a 7/8 inches long neck segment with the CHOETECH name etched into one of the sides. The USB-C end had a 1/4 inches long USB-C prong, and an inch long neck segment with CHOETECH etched into the side. The neck segments were generous and survived 50 forward-backward, 50 side-side, and some significant tugging at the prongs.  

Other than the small color issue noted above, the packaging and product lived up to my expectations.  The velcro strap allowed a degree of cable management, and the robust round cable should stand up to repeated use.  To test the cable’s output, I first plugged my MacBook Pro 15” into an 87W power adaptor via USB-C to USB-C cable. I plugged a DROK USB-C multimeter into one of the MacBook Pro ports and found my iPhone 12 Pro Max charged at 5V/1.7A.  I removed the MacBook Pro from the charger and found the multimeter read 4.93V/1.53A.  I plugged the multimeter directly into the 87W charger and found the multimeter read 5.02V/1.48A.  Interestingly, when plugged the multimeter into an AUKEY USB-C PA-Y19 27W Adapter, the multimeter read up to 8.90V/2.35A.  When I plugged it into a Kanex PD52U-2UT01 50W USB-A (12W)/USB-C (39W) charger, the multimeter read 8.85V/1.84A. I was unsure why the 87W Apple charger seemed to charge my iPhone 12 Pro Max at a slower rate than the 27W Aukey or the 50W Kanex device.  Regardless, the CHOETECH cable will provide an add length-boost to your charging needs.  If standard 1-meter cables do not provide enough reach, pick up the CHOETECH USB-C to Lightning cable this Christmas.  Perfect for a stocking stuffer or an under the tree treat, you will not regret purchasing the 6.6-foot long cable for your new iPhone 12 Pro Max, or for any lightning powered devices.

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