“Smart keyring finds your keys, phone, anything”

Chipolo AppMost of us have had the gut-wrenching feeling of losing something and the frustration when it cannot be found.  Whether you set your keys down in a rush or you set your phone down and forgot to remove it from vibrate/silent, it does not matter.  These feelings seem to be universally ire-inducing.  Luckily, there is a technology available to help you to never misplace an item again.
The Chipolo Plus tracker is the latest device within the Chipolo family of trackers.  Available in charcoal black, pearl white, rose quartz (pink), lemon yellow, mint green, ocean blue, and coral red, the 1 3/8 inch diameter by 1/4 inch thick devices are the loudest of the trackers, at 90-100db.  The product arrives in a small 2 3/4 inch square by 5/8 inch thick cardboard box. The front has a small tear-away strip, which allows you to access the product and a sticker labeling the product a ChipoloPlus device. The back of the packaging details the features of the product: 1. Ring it and find it from rooms away, with the loud 90-decibel ring tone. 2. Let Chipolo Plus find your phone (even on silent), by double pressing the device. 3 See where you last had it by checking the map.  Furthermore, to utilize the device, you will need to download the free application from the App Store or Google Play store.  The Chipolo Plus arrives in plastic blister material and you must add the keyring to the main tracker body yourself.
Once you download the application, you will be taken to a welcome screen.  You can swipe left to learn more or you can select the green sign up button along the bottom.  Through the swipe screens, you will learn about the Chipolo and the above-listed features. When ready, touch the sign up button along the bottom, and then you will be asked to sign up via Google, Facebook, or via your email. Once you are logged into the application, you will be asked if you want to add your Chipolo.  If you do not have one, you can select the “Buy it now Icon” along the bottom.  You will then be asked to enable location services and notifications.

Chipolo Collage

If you double press the button on the Chipolo device, your phone will ring a pleasant jingle, even if it is in silent mode. I named the Chipolo that I received “Keys” and attached this to my wife’s keychain.  You can select from any number of tags.  You can attach this to backpacks, to electronics or to any other object.  There is no included 3M tape, but you can use double sided tape easily enough.  Essentially, you can track anything that you can stick the device to.

The best feature for my family is a key/phone tracker.  My wife seems to misplace her items much more frequently than I do.  I showed her how to use the features, downloaded the app to her iPhone 7 and gave her piece of mind.  Now she can track her keys with her phone and track her phone with her keys.  If she forgets the device somewhere, it will show only her (this is private) on a map, where it was last seen.  Additionally, if other Chipolo users are nearby, their devices will trigger a find-it feature and will trigger a message to you. This meshwork will allow you to easily and securely find those lost items.

The Chipolo Plus tracker is compatible with iPhone 5 and newer and Android devices running Android 4.4 and newer. Similar to other trackers on the market, the device has a 1-year non-replaceable battery.  When you are nearing the end of the life
of the device, the app will alert you to the need to repurchase.  If you navigate to chipolo.net\renewal, you can learn more about the renewal program.  Basically, when the device reaches the end of its life, the app will alert you to the need to replace the Chipolo.  You will receive a code providing up to 50% discount on a new device and they will mail this to you, once purchased.  Add the new Chipolo to the application and place the old one in the included envelope for recycling.   If you are not interested in a maintenance free, water resistant device with an annual upgradable option, you may choose the Chipolo Classic, which has a user replaceable battery.  This replacement feature is really convenient, as it allows you to upgrade to the latest technology annually.  Couple this with an environmentally friendly recycling feature and you have an amazing social program.

My wife tends to have limited interest in tech unless it solves a problem.  With the perpetual search for keys or phone, she has been won over by the Chipolo Plus.  The 0.3-ounce weight makes it nearly unnoticeable on her keyring.  The ease of use of the app has made the device something that she would use.  However, we both feel that there should be a way to change the jingle, similarly to the Tile brand of trackers.  I like that you can change the tag at your whim, by simply going into the tag and editing it.

You have the options to touch the cog icon (settings) and you can change your name and or password and get help.  Additionally, you can opt to get a fee Chipolo.  When you invite your friends to get a device, an invitation will be sent to them offering a 20% discount on their order.  For every three friends that purchase a device, you will get a Free Chipolo.  The tracker is loud and the jingles are pleasing.  I do not think that you will be disappointed with this device.  You can buy them in singles, a four-pack or a seven pack. As you add more to your cart, the price per item decreases. Additionally, on the four and seven pack, you can enjoy free shipping.

The app is intuitive and easy to learn, and it is easy to install.  The Chipolo will help you to find those lost items and the product/App does everything it says it will do.  The jingle is quite loud and you can truly hear this in a different room.  I rate the device at 5/5 stars.  I am very pleased that my wife has taken to the device. I do wish that the jingles could be customized to the device.  Perhaps this will be a later feature.

You can use the included link ( http://ssqt.co/mecwX3L) to get a 20% discount.

You can learn more about the Chipolo family of trackers at chipolo.net.
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