Chipolo the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker.

When I venture out to CES, or anywhere in public for that matter, I like to keep a firm watch on my belongings. In the past couple of years, Bluetooth trackers have become popular for this very reason. There are several different types and styles, but I have trouble with them because most of them just put out a small high pitched tone for you to track down. I have high-frequency hearing loss so those higher range sounds are nearly impossible for me to hear, even if they are at a high volume. Fortunately, Chipolo designers took this into consideration when creating their Bluetooth Tracker.Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking Device REVIEW

Chipolo is round and about the size of a large coin. It’s made out of a water-resistant material (up to IP5 standards) and runs off of a standard replaceable watch battery. This somewhat unique in the Bluetooth tracker market because several of them are one-time use. When their battery dies, you have to throw them out. Chipolo also has the longest range of any Bluetooth finder in the marker (up to 200 meters). The function of this particular tracker allows you to locate your belongings by following the sound, finding your phone from the Chipolo, and you can see where you last left your stuff. There is even a Chipolo community feature that enables every phone with the app to pinpoint your lost object. If a phone with the app comes into close proximity of your belongings, the owner will receive an email with its new location.

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking Device REVIEW

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking Device REVIEW

Setting up the Chipolo is very, very easy. You simply connect to the Chipolo via Bluetooth like you would any other Bluetooth device and then you control it through the app. If you lost your belongings that are attached to the Chipolo, you simply tap the ‘ring’ option under the Chipolo you want to find. A loud chirp emits from the tracker and it doesn’t stop until you tap the Chipolo. I didn’t get to test out the community feature because there were no other Chipolos detected in my area. I love that it’s a little bigger than some other Bluetooth trackers, but still incredibly compact. The tracking function works perfectly. Use of Chipolo couldn’t be simpler. If you lose your phone, you tap it twice and your phone plays a distinct ring tone. The tone plays continuously until you tap the notification on your phone. It’s a great additional feature of the tracker. As one of my largest concerns was that I wouldn’t be able to hear it, I am happy to say that its first ring was very loud and that’s good because you do not have the ability to change the device’s volume.

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking Device REVIEW Chipolo Bluetooth Tracking Device REVIEW

As far as distance goes, since the tracker is rated for up to 200 feet, I did a couple of different tests. I will note that the further away the tracker was, the harder it was to hear. First, I tested it in the same room. I didn’t have any issues with connection. Then, I left it in the front of the house while I moved to the back of the house (about 30 feet or so – Bluetooth usually disconnects in that distance). My fiance stayed in the room with the Chipolo and confirmed that it continued to chirp. Lastly, we tested out the Chipolo by leaving it on the front porch and walking out to the street. This distance was approximately 50 feet or so. Chipolo continued a connection with my phone.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I have used other trackers before and Chipolo is the best option for this type of product. It’s loud, maintains a good connection, and you can get it in several color options. It’s a solid little tracker and it works very well.

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