Cheatsheet increases productivity for other applications.

There are many applications that utilize keyboard shortcuts. Most people are aware of the most common ones – command + c for copy, command + x for cut, etc. However, there are many applications, especially design driven ones that utilize multiple shortcut commands. I remember the first time I laid eyes on the keyboard shortcut list for Final Cut Pro. There are so many that one needs a reminder card to be able to use them all. With Cheatsheet for Mac, those reminder cards are no longer necessary.

Cheatsheet is an app available in the Mac App Store that provides an on-screen list of keyboard shortcuts for the application you are currently using. For example, if you have Photoshop on and it is the active application, you press the command key and a cheat sheet of keyboard commands appears on the screen. Users can change the delay speed for the utility to pop-up in the foreground, decide whether or not to launch the app at log in and the list of commands can also be printed.

Cheatsheet is really a very useful utility. As I mentioned before, there are many applications that have vast lists of keyboard shortcuts. And since shortcuts are meant to increase productivity, Cheatsheet makes it possible to pull up the list, select the shortcut you want to use and use it rather than spending time fumbling through papers trying to find the reminder list.