Chatlight fits any tablet, smartphone or computer and projects even, soft light for perfect looking Facebook Live videos, Skype calls and Google Hangouts

Chatlight announces the official launch and commercial availability of its product, an LED light that attaches to any smartphone, tablet or computer, designed as a solution to the poor light quality currently available during online video chats and live video streaming. Chatlight was first introduced to the public on Kickstarter, where the project raised almost $60,000 to bring 1,065 backers a more effective and enjoyable chat experience. Chatlight is now available in two colors for the affordable price of $29.99 via the company’s website,

Developed by a professional photographer, Chatlight is designed to cast the optimal amount of light, making users look like they’re filming in a professional studio. The light gives off an even, soft tone, avoiding shadows and the orange hues projected by most table lamps. It includes two settings for brightness, allowing users to adjust their light to just the right level. The light bar also swivels up and down so the light can be directed where it’s needed. Chatlight works across diverse platforms such as: Skype, Facebook Live, Periscope, Ustream, Google Hangout, FaceTime and any other online chatting or video platform.

“Live streaming and video chatting have become major parts of our everyday lives, but sadly the quality is often very poor. No matter how great your webcam is, the primary foundation of a good image is the lighting, and without it, even a good lens will battle to find focus and clarity,” said Henry Geddes, creator of Chatlight. “Whether it’s a job interview, a video conference for work, or chatting with family and friends, some of life’s biggest moments are shared via video, and I want people to look their best.”

Chatlight requires no batteries. Just plug it into any standard wall outlet or a USB port and the device charges in just 15 minutes. Chatlight’s LED lights are designed to last more than 50,000 hours with up to 120 minutes of lighting on the brightest setting. With a retractable spring clip, Chatlight will adjust to almost any device including desktop monitors up to ¾ inch thick.

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