DORY’s ease of use, compact size, and price make it the obvious choice for anyone interested in underwater exploration

CHASING, a leader in the underwater robot space, has launched their newest underwater drone, DORY, on Kickstarter. It is now available for pre-order with prices starting at $299, and backers will begin to receive orders in October 2019. Smaller than a standard sheet of paper, DORY is specifically designed for the mass market, boasting a travel-friendly size, intuitive controls and quick set up, and affordable price point.

DORY follows the success of CHASING’s Indiegogo campaign for GLADIUS in 2017, which ended with 1629% funding and 100% delivered to backers. After setting the standard with affordability and functionality in underwater drones with GLADIUS, and winning the Red Dot Product Design award with GLADIUS MINI, CHASING is once again setting new benchmarks for quality with DORY. 

Each purchase of DORY comes with the drone, a tether, Wi-Fi buoy, and charger starting at just $299 for Super Early Bird pricing. As an additional add-on, early backers can purchase a specially-designed backpack that fits DORY alongside other essentials to make it the ultimate in portability.   

DORY is perfect for consumers who are interested in underwater drones but have been unable to invest in one due to high price points, complicated controls, and features meant for industrial use. The portability makes it easy to bring on vacation or a casual outing, the user-friendly features let consumers capture vivid content and share directly to social media, and the co-pilot mode makes it an enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

Whether you want to explore marine life, find hidden treasures underwater, scout your next dive site or discover your next unexplored fishing hole, DORY is an easy-to-use, affordable companion for underwater exploration. With all the key features of more expensive drones and the sleek design from an award-winning design team, DORY is meticulously designed to provide the most value at an entry-level price point.

DORY’s key features include:

  • Most portable underwater drone: Smaller than a sheet of paper, DORY can fit into a shoulder bag and be easily transported where you want to use it 
  • User-friendly experience: DORY can be set up within seconds and only the drone needs charging – not every single component like in other drones
  • Precise navigation: Perfect for surface cruising and diving, DORY can be controlled from the CHASING DORY mobile app and features intuitive controls – no external controller needed 
  • Share your underwater photos easily: Download your photos and videos to your phone, quickly share on social media channels, or even livestream your dive
  • High-quality camera: Capture vivid underwater photos and video with the 1080p camera featuring F1.6 camera lens 
  • Two player mode: Enjoy dives together with one person focusing on maneuvering DORY while the other person concentrates on capturing the perfect photos or video
  • A flexible buoy and tether system: Explore more freely with less tether tangles and stay connected remotely via WiFi connection to the buoy system 
  • High-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point: Designed with as few parts as possible, DORY packs in the most important features in a sleek, compact design at a price point much lower than equal competitors 

“CHASING is driven to provide consumers the most portable, accessible, and technologically advanced drones,” said Johnson Zhang, CEO of CHASING. “We applied what we learned from the successful launches of our first two drones to DORY and are thrilled to offer the first underwater drone truly optimized for the mass consumer market.” 


  • Size: 24718892mm / 9.7 in x 7.4 in x 3.6 in
  • Weight: <1.3KG / 2.86 lb
  • Max Depth: 15m / 49ft
  • Max Speed: 1.5 Kn
  • Run Time: 1 HOUR
  • Battery Cycles: ≥300times
  • Buoy with GPS: Size 13013088mm /5.1 in x 5.1 in x 3.46 in
  • Weight: 160g / .35 lb
  • SD Card Storage 8G
  • WiFi: 15m / 50ft
  • CMOS: 1/2.9 inch
  • Lens F1.6
  • Lens 50 mm to Infinity
  • ISO Range 100-3200
  • FOV 100°
  • Picture Max Resolution 2M (19201080)
  • Picture Type JPEG
  • Video Resolution FHD: 19201080 30Fps
  • Video Max Code Flow 4M
  • Video Type MP4
  • Sensors: IMU 3 axis gyro & accelerometer & compass
  • Depth Sensor: <+/- 0.5M / 1.5ft
  • Temp Sensor +/-2°c / +/-2°F
  • Charger: Power 12.6V 2A
  • Charging Time: 2 hour
  • LED Light: LUMEN 2×250 LUMENs
  • Temperature: 4000K
  • CRI: 80
  • App: Android/iOS devie

For more information about CHASING, please visit their FacebookTwitterInstagram, or website.


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